12 Days In The Life

You know when you look ahead on your calendar and see a couple of jam-packed weeks on the horizon? This was one of those stretches for us. We kept seeing it on our calendars and knew it was going to be a big couple of weeks for us. Which of course is precisely why back-to-school night had to be scheduled that week, along with numerous last minute adjustments.

Adjustments-and miniature desks-aside, this 12 days happened to include a 6 mile run, 5 speeches, 4 states, 3 timezones, 2 downtown explorations and 1 chance to meet legendary rapper and entrepreneur Ja Rule. It also included a whole lot of laughs, some unforgettable experiences and some delightful surprises that we both will treasure forever. Join us now as we take you through 12 fast-paced, energetic and (mostly) fun days!

Day 1 (Friday, September 20th): Kay lands home at 12:00 am this day home from a family vacation In Hawaii. Shi picks her up at 6am and off to Tahoe for the Lead Your Legacy women’s retreat. We got to debut our FYes! Philosophy for the first time and loved seeing the fire dancers that night after our presentation.

Day 2 (Saturday, September 21st): Visited several locations of the restaurant this day as well as ubered older children around to various playdates and sleepovers. Just doing that Mom life along with the Business lady life.

Day 3 (Sunday, September 22nd): Our one day of rest on this stretch, hallelujah. Included some packing and prepping for the week ahead.

Day 4 (Monday, September 23rd ): Meeting in the morning, before leaving for San Francisco. Drove to SF, met with our parents there and had a nice dinner wtih our parents in Union Square.

Day 5 (Tuesday September 24th): Woke up at 5am to get to the Redwood City location of our restaurant the Squeeze In by 6:00am. W were there to meet with our new leadership team there and help with the transition and communication. Got back to SF, worked out, got ready, explored Nob Hill and the historic Grace church before going to the Incubus concert at the iconic Masonic theater. Epic rock show celebrating 20 years of their classic album: Make Yourself.

Day 6 (Wednesday September 25th): Up early again to slay a workout and get on the road back home to Reno Nevada! We arrived home and Shi headed to Back to School night while Kay got set up for the Project Rosie networking group presentation we hosted that evening. Gave a purpose and vision workshop to an engaged and interested audience. The good stuff right there!

Day 7 (Thursday September 26th): One of the chiller days, but still included filming a GoDaddy promotional video, a strategy session for another locations leadership transition and a one hour Facebook live marketing teaching into the John Maxwell Team Facebook Group.

Day 8 (Friday September 27th): Up early to go on the local news and talk about our healthy options menu and our dedication to fitness friendly foods at our restaurants! Managed to get our inboxes to neutral-as we like to say-and prep for the Adapted Digital Media Summit trip coming up.

Day 9 (Saturday September 28th): Gave a one hour purpose and clarity workshop for a non-profit local gym called Upstate Nevada. Registered for our 10k race the next day, and attended an epic wedding in the rain that evening!

Day 10 (Sunday September 29th): 10k day!! We were due at the race at 7am and it was 29 degrees outside. It was also some of the most beautiful scenery, and if you want to hear the hilarious recount of our run tune into the Millennial Mentorship podcast episode from this week to hear all about Shi’s long-con plot to kill Kay.

Day 11 (Monday September 30th): Up early again to fly out to Cleveland to speak at the Adapted Digital Media Summit alongside Ja Rule, ESPN interviewers and other industry professionals. Had a travel first when our names were on a sign with a driver waiting for us! Explored Cleveland this night and enjoyed getting to know such a cool city!

Day 12 (Tuesday October 1st): Started the day listening to Ja Rule recount the Fyre Fest debachalce and the lessons he learned and then got to give a presentation on how we’ve scaled our marketing as our business has grown. We ended the day at a very private, very VIP party in the House of Blues in Downtown Cleveland with everyone from the summit, including Ja Rule. It was an epic end to an epic sprint!

The next day we flew back and though we still had to hit the ground running, that concluded an intensely packed, and intensely fun, handful of days in our lives. We hope you enjoyed the ride along with us and that you’ll listen to the podcast to hear us tell you all the great details and highlights from each of these experiences!

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