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The Philosophy Of Kay & Shi

Whether we’re speaking to live audiences, teaching teams, or developing curriculum alongside industry giants, we’re committed to treating your business, like it’s our own family business.

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A powerful presentation has the potential to make an event memorable for the attendees, transformative for teams, and momentum shifting for organizations. When we take the stage you, and your audience, will walk away with easy-to-implement actions, an excitement to approach the future, and that signature feeling, that you’re truly part of the family.


If you’re the kind of person who learns best when you can just pick the brain of people who have ‘been there, done that’ and use their connections and resources to help you get there too, then we’re the consulting team for you. From marketing strategy to culture building, entrepreneurial growth to hospitality and events, we have a knack for helping you identify challenges and solutions, and map out the strategy for success.

Curriculum Development

When it comes to bringing expertise and knowledge into a structured, easy-to-understand format, we have extensive experience, and success, in both. When an industry leader is ready to take their teaching and training, and turn it into intellectual property with community and support, we’re the team with the proven track record who can make it happen. *Minimum level of qualifications must be met for partnership at this level

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Kay & Shi Testimonials

    Kay and Shi were incredible speakers! Such high energy and excellent orators. Very well organized presentation with the right amount of "flow". A very unique approach to culture that surprised and engaged even the most seasoned of HR Professionals. I would highly recommend their presentation for any organization trying to build a culture that creates the highest level of employee satisfaction.

    Johnny Skowronek

    2020 President of NNHRA

      Kay & Shi are absolutely the most inspiring, relevant, engaging speakers I have worked with over the last several years. Their willingness to have difficult conversations, continuously learn transparently and share their stories in a manner that touches everyone in the room! Well prepared, superbly executed and spot on are also words I would use to describe every presentation I have witnessed! Bring them to your event and you will shine!

      Shari Pheasant

      7 Figure Entrepreneur

        When I first met these sisters I'll admit I thought: What can these millenials teach me-an experienced Baby Boomer? Well boy, was I wrong, and after working with them for just one hour I was transformed, and I have been a humongous fan ever since. Seriously, whatever Kay and Shi are doing, I'm doing too.

        Dave Sousa

        President, DJ Positives, LLC & Veteran Airforce Commander

          Kay and Shi were a fantastic addition to the DisruptHR Reno event last August. They were the first duo that we have ever had at DisruptHR and it was absolutely perfect! I would recommend having the two of them speak at any event!

          Courtney Pino

          LP Insurance

            Kay and Shi were the featured speakers at our recent online NCET Biz Cafe, where they discussed "Cracking the Culture Code." They were each informative, entertaining and energizing and we had a record turnout, retention and engagement. We hope they'll return soon for another presentation!

            Dave Archer

            President/CEO, NCET

              Working with Kay and Shi is always an incredible experience. I first met Kay and Shi in 2015 and have spent the last several years working with them for the John Maxwell Team. As Miss America 2011, I worked alongside all sorts of event and marketing experts, but no one comes close to Kay and Shi. Their energy, expertise, care, and execution are unmatched. They truly connect with every single person they interact with and are the utmost professionals at all times.

              Teresa Scanlan

              Miss America 2011

                I teach a senior and graduate level entrepreneurship class at UNR. As an adjunct professor, I look for ways to provide my students with life skills and experiences they can take and keep with them. One of the most important and effective means of achieving this is through the use of guest lecturers. I met K&S at a local conference and asked them if they would be interested in speaking to my class. In a short testimonial, I cannot do justice to them as individuals or entrepreneurs.

                Rick Shaff

                Professor of Entrepreneurship

                  I have to say that I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with both K&S as we support our community and help create a community that supports one another. Their dedication and commitment to creating a community that gives back is amazing. I also consider them to be mentors! They inspire me to be the best I can be and at the same time they inspire me to see that together we can create a community together. Let us learn knowledge and kindness with K&S!

                  Debbie McCarthy

                  About Town Deb

                    WOW! Kay & Shi knocked it out of the park! Home run!! Their presentation was quoted and used throughout the meeting by each person that spoke. I have had three requests already for a copy of the slides. My managers are excited to present this to their teams!

                    Kyle Whaley

                    Plumas Bank