Activation Energy: WTH is That?

What’s a common experience we can all relate to? How about having a desire to achieve something but not taking the actions needed to do it. Like wanting to have a fit and strong body, or getting a Masters Degree or learning a new language or reading one book a month. None of those things are complexly difficult to achieve. Literally millions upon millions of people have done all of those things and likely many of them under circumstances far more challenging than your own. So what gives? A little energy friend of ours called: Activation Energy.

Hello Activation Energy it’s nice to meet you!

Activation Energy ( henceforth to be known as AE): Thanks, you too!

Us: So, WTH are you?

AE: Well, in chemistry I’m the minimum amount of energy required to bring atoms and molecules to a condition in which they can transform through a sequence of infinitesimally small changes that must occur to convert the reactants into the products of this reaction.

Us: WUT?

AE: I’m the spark that makes things go

Us: OOOO kind of like the motivation molecule!

AE: No not really, and I’m not a molecule.

Us: Motivation molecule it is! Oh and AE?….IOU.


Okay it’s not a molecule it’s more of a signal, and really a bunch of tiny consistent, focused signals over a period of time. What this Chem 101 textbook info does tell us is that something has to ‘activate’ molecules/atoms/cells so that they can transform-and that this something is actually made up of a continuous stream of very small actions. So in super simple millennial mentor terms:

Clear Desire + Activation Energy = Action

Action + Time = Desired Result

So how do we get more of this activation energy? It’s highly simple and yet incredibly specific. Step one is to look at how you’ve been able to achieve desires in the past and examine the moments in which you got yourself to take the consistent actions needed. Was there a time you did get up at 5am and run everyday? Or did you get your bachelors or associates degree? Identifying the ways you were able to do that gives you clarity on your own unique blend of activation energy cultivation. If you want more tips on how to discover this activation energy and how to see if you’re living activated or automatic tune in to Millennial Mentorship next Tuesday for our latest episode talking about this very topic!

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