Beating the “Supposed To’s” With Camie Cragg Lyman

Do you have someone in your community that inspires you every time they open their mouth? You know the type, the kind of person that has built a lot of success and everyone looks to as a role model. Camie Cragg Lyman has built a runaway fitness business with an unstoppable social media brand and is one of these people for us. We admire her, learn from her and strive to be like her and we were fortunate enough to interview her for the upcoming podcast episode dropping this Tuesday.

In this interview, Camie opened up about how she became who she is today and how she was never “supposed to” get this far. You guys it was seriously sooo good. Inspiring. Funny. Heartwarming. Touching and profound. And that’s just the first five minutes! Though you can’t listen to the podcast until next week we had to share a piece of it her incredible story with you now.

Camie is a 37-year-old rockstar business owner who owns and operates two thriving fitness centers. She’s the creator of fitness programs that change the lives of many, is a local spokesperson for health and wellness and has been invited to speak on international stages about her story. A community builder and an amazing leader to her team we can’t say enough about how much we love this chick.

Camie is the definition of a millennial mentor and below you’ll find one of her captivating stories and most valuable lessons that she taught us during her interview.

Camie’s had a love for fitness ever since childhood. She was always active and involved in sports and activities. At the age of 15, Camie broke her back in an accident during volleyball practice and was paralyzed for 47 minutes. During that time she was told by the doctors that she would never play sports or walk again. She was “supposed to” accept that. She says at that moment she looked her mom in the eyes and said: “I will and I can.” This mindset pushed her to rehabilitate and within one year she was back with her team and competing in sports.

After this incident, her mantra became, “I can, I will.” This motto has led her to who she is today and has comforted her in times of challenge.

In college, Camie was diagnosed with a hereditary disease. Camie says it was really tough to be taken out for days at a time but doctors told her it would be weeks and months. You see it was ‘supposed to’ put her out for much longer, just like she was supposed to never walk again.

Camie took all of the “supposed to’s” in her life that were presented as reasons to hold her back and instead told herself I can and I will. Camie shared “There were so many times that I was supposed to have stopped.” Maybe you can relate? Were there times in your life you were supposed to accept? Most of the time we accept those “supposed to’s” and let them hold us back from reaching our highest potential.

Living organisms are meant to grow. Humans are the only living organisms that have the choice to grow. A tree will grow to its maximum potential in the environment it’s planted. As humans, we have the incredible gift of choice but often we set ourselves back because of what society says we are supposed to do or not do. When we quiet our spirit and listen to the voice inside of us, we hear our own version of “I can and I will.” As the only person that can overcome the supposed to’s in your life it’s up to you to make the choice and tap into your own resolve.

We are grateful to Camie for being so open with us about her story and her lessons along her journey. As a leader and shining example of millennial mentorship, we are excited to bring her knowledge to you. Find out how Camie applies her the “I can, I will” approach and how she’s pushed past being told what she’s “supposed to do” in the next podcast episode of Millennial Mentorship.

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