Behind the Sisterhood

What’s it like working together?” “How do you guys make it work?” “Don’t you fight?” “I could never work with my siblings” “I don’t know how you do it.”

These are all questions and statements we hear frequently when talking about our life and work together. Being the kids of a family business and now the leaders of said business we’ve always had close quarters. We’ve also always had the perspective that mixing business with personal life is normal. Perhaps that’s why we’re well positioned to spend 90% of our waking hours together and still miss each other after a weekend apart, but the truth is our close quarters didn’t always make us close.

Growing up we weren’t exactly friends. We sorta hated each other actually. In that special kind of sibling way. Meaning we always had love for each other even when the loathing was strong and we always defended each other to any and all that lived outside of our family but, yeah, we definitely declared mortal-enemy-status a handful of times growing up.

Luckily time did it’s thing and we growed up. We transitioned from mortal-enemy-status to: cold-shoulder-but-distant-acceptance-and-moments-of-kindred-connection status that lasted for 5ish years. During those years we grew individually and as we came more and more into adulthood we came more and more into what we are now. A: Disney-level-powerhouse-sister-duo-who-fiercely-and-wildly-love-each-other-in-an-almost-creepy-but-still-sweet-way status. Totally a thing, look it up.

Hopefully you didn’t look it up because it may not really be a thing outside of this blog and a handful of historical and current fictional and real siblings but for that handful! It is definitely a thing.

What else is a thing is our podcast this week where we go behind the sisterhood and pull back the curtain on our past, present and future as sisters. Check out the 25 minute episode here and if you’ve yet to see our 2 minute sisters tribute Christmas video check it out here!

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