Consistency: An Un-Sexy Yet Effective Path to Lasting Success

“Do the same things consistently and you’ll get better” yes KAREN we all know how success works, but did you know that the biggest gap in the world is between what you know and what you do?

Consistency is about doing something over and over for an extended period of time, what you do reliably pays dividends if you do can be reliable for long enough. Consistency isn’t about being perfect but it is about holding yourself to a standard as you move towards your goals.

You have to love yourself enough, to hold yourself accountable.

If you have trouble getting yourself to flex those success muscles, it may be caused by an underlying belief that you are not enough. You’re not good enough, smart enough, rich enough or disciplined enough to reach your goals. Our dear friend Darryl Rivers says that “being broke is not what’s stopping you from being rich.” If you’re raising your hand in your seat right now and thinking you fall into this “I am not enough” category first we want to say: STOP IT, you are more than enough, you may not have resources but if you can be resourceful CONSISTENTLY you can do anything!

Consistency probably seems like an overwhelming concept to tackle so here are a few tricks to implementing consistency in your life effectively in order to get results:

Make tiny shifts first

Starting small can be a great way to stick to your goals! Do you want to work out every day? Start by just consistently waking up early every morning and putting your shoes on. After a while, it will come so naturally to you to do this every morning, eventually, it will be easier to actually go for a run. Don’t get down on yourself for not being able to take on a new goal entirely at once, starting small will end in big results. Good old compounding!

Change your language!

What you tell yourself has a significant effect on how you perform. Instead of saying “I want to build a business” start saying “I want to become a business owner.” Changing your language can not only help shape the longevity of your habits, it can shape your self-perception. Perception is reality, yo!

Know what you are compounding:

Believe it or not, you are consistently compounding habits every day, good or bad. These habits could be treating yourself to an hour of TV or a piece of cake every night. Open your eyes to the choices you make, especially if you make them without thinking! Are these habits serving you? If they aren’t, make an intentional effort to flip the script, it’s up to you!

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