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The things we crave can give us a lot of insight if we take the time to examine them. When we crave something, let’s say french fries, is it really the golden salted potatoes? If it was, just being in possession of french fries would fulfill the craving. What we really crave is the feeling we get when we taste the hot and crispy little slices of heaven which means that the french fry is actually independent from the craving being satisfied. Should we use that craving to motivate a helpful action and scratch the itch in a productive way we put ourselves on the road to building positive habits and thus better lives!

It’s not that we try to get rid of cravings. Cravings are merely energy and your bodies expression of a desire for a feeling. Examining what the feeling is you are seeking-peaceful, happy, relaxed, satiated, energized-will better tell you what resources you can seek out to fulfill that need. Because we can’t get rid of cravings we must decide to either have it work for us or against us. We can either use craving in a destructive (addiction) way or a constructive (positive habits) way.

We can certainly set ourselves up for success by avoiding addictive substances. Substances can literally rewire and takeover our brains in fast and scary ways and recovering from those cravings is outside of our medical expertise. But the french fry cravings? And the booze cravings? And the sleep cravings? Those we can encourage you to interpret and direct in new and better ways. You can cultivate cravings that are positive by asking in what constructive areas of my life do I experience this feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment? Once you identify some of those areas you can work to do more of those things and help create a life you can savor!

Which speaking of savoring, it’s our little indulgence here at the end, as every good savor should be. When life delivers to you that fulfilled feeling, savor it. For goodness sake let yourself smile, or pat yourself on the back, or be proud, or put your feet up or admire the moon, and even having the french fries when the timing is right. Leaning in to the enjoyment of the feeling you love helps you attract more moments to love!

Craving a little more to savor? Check out our 26 minute podcast on the topic and thank you for being a Kay and Shi supporter, we savor the opportunity to help you grow!

This Week’s Disney Drop:

“We hope this week provides you with satisfaction to your inner cravings for you to then savor.”

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