Say F YES: The Five Pillars to Saying F YES to Your Life

There are so many wonderful shades of humanity. We look, love and live a million different ways and yet with unfathomable diversity comes great commonalities. We are all on our own journey of the same path and it is this shared experience that allows us to bond as individuals and as a society. Now this metaphorical life path isn’t just some regular walk-around-the-track path. It’s actually a thousand tiny paths all weaved together and maybe more like a bridge than a path. Okay kiiiind of a stretch but go with us for a second here. You see along this bridge/path there are 5 major beams that support the intricate ground of possible experiences and states of being (now you see why it needed to be a bridge). These 5 beams hold it all up and determine the kind of bridge you build. Oh yeah we forgot to mention you’re building the bridge now and you only get one chance so whatever you do don’t F it up. No, no you won’t F it up, you got this. Instead you’ll roll up your sleeves and get to work constructing the best dang beams you can to support an epic mythical bridge/path that makes you say: F YES!

So what are the beams of glory that lead to an F Yes life? Glad you asked. Those beams are Faith, Fitness, Family, Freedom and (Pro)Fession. Why the parenthesis around the pro in profession? Glad you asked again! We like you. The answer is if we simply call it profession that’s boring and lame and plus ‘fession gives us 5 F words that we can say F YES to. In order to help you say F YES in these areas too we’ll share a brief introduction to each one and show how it applies to both your outer physical reality, as well as your inward, personal experience.


Faith is the area that can have the most significant impact and we consider it the foundational F. Your faith is about your beliefs and your belonging. It encompasses all of your belief systems from religion to self worth, perspective to education and so much more. It’s belief in a higher power, in processes or outcomes and in yourself. Belonging is the outward expression of faith. It’s the community that you are a part of and give back to. It’s contributing to society and the greater good. It is the legacy you will leave after you are gone. With strong faith all things are possible.


Yeah yeah you know fitness is important. Duh right? And we all know the more unfit you are the more you know the importance it plays in your life. Ever accidentally burned yourself or sprained your ankle? Even those little deviations from physical well being are stark reminders of the role fitness plays in our overall enjoyment of life. But fitness isn’t just about our outward physical bodies. It’s about how mentally fit we are too. What we feed our minds and how we train our brains directly influences our overall well being in great proportion. The muscles of discipline, constraint, careful consideration, measured response, work ethic have to be used and worked out in order to grow. These qualities come only through development and training just like a fit body in the gym. Strong mental, emotional, nutritional and physical fitness is paramount to a living in a positive state and achieving all that you were meant to achieve.


Okay so we say family but what we’re really talking about is relationships here, but remember the F theme? Plus family is more than a word it is a feeling when you have a mutual connection with someone in which you care a great deal for. These are the relationships that most of us treasure and that we refer to here. Plus we’re sisters so, you know, family. The quality of our relationships has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. Want to know what relationship you’re probably neglecting the most? The one with yourself. GAAAAAWD that was cheesy. Like sharp cheddar cheese fresh from the farm. But isn’t it so true? How many times do you break your promise to yourself? Are you really going to go to the gym after work like you said you would? Did you say you’re going to get up early and work on a budget? Hopefully you have a healthy enough relationship to trust yourself to keep the commitments you made to yourself, and if it’s not where you want it to be work to actively change that with follow through, understanding and accountability.


We often hear the phrase do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life and it can be easy then to get caught on the currently popular find-my-passion-and-purpose-quest. The truth is most of us are going to have a multitude of passions and purposes across our lifetimes and sometimes, how we earn our income isn’t going to be the same as our grand overall life calling. This doesn’t mean that we are failing at life if we work a job while we figure things out, build a dream or start a new venture. Also we don’t always want to mix our passion with our economic production and it’s okay to have them be separate. With that being said of COURSE if you can find a way to get paid to do what you love, and- here’s the big one here-not make you hate the thing you love along the way, then you should 100% persue that. This area of our life is defined outwardly by our skills that we use to create income and inwardly by the gifts and talents that we develop from passion and purpose. Hopefully you find a way to marry the two and support yourself with something that you also genuinely love to do.


Freedom got you saying what the F? Freedom is about your finances but it’s so much more than money. Your freedom is determined by your environment, your ability to utilize what is available to you and your time management skills. This is the area of your life that determines where and how comfortably you spend your days. With more freedom comes more choice. Freedom is expressed through finances and resourcefulness and is the key to delivering to you the experiences that you want to fill your life with.

We want to challenge you to set a bite-sized goal in each of these categories right now! Don’t worry we’ll wait…. Something like call a friend you’ve been neglecting for the family section? Maybe for your faith you’ll take a walk outside and connect with nature. Perhaps for your fitness you’ll stretch before you go to bed. Got your goals? Okay now this part is important so listen up! Or read up? Alert your eyes? Anyways, Pay attention! Do yourself a favor and pick something you KNOW you can do and something that you can easily complete in the next 36-48 hours. If you’ve never ran before, instead of setting a goal to run 10 miles, set a goal to jog around your block one time. You could do one time right? If you’ve never volunteered before don’t sign up for a week of building houses in a foreign country. Maybe clean out some closets and send one box down to Goodwill. Doing little actions like these help put drops in your bucket towards a full and happy life and help you say a big fat: F YES!

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