Highlights From Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

“Just like a single cell, the character of our lives is determined not by our genes but by our responses to the environmental signals that propel life.” – Bruce H. Lipton

If you just read that and you’re scrunching your eyebrows trying to figure out what it means then first of all, relax your face weirdo, and second of all let us help you break it down. Because when you really start to understand what Bruce is saying here it’ll make you lift those eyebrows in revelation rather than scrunch them in confusion. What matters more than eyebrows is the implications of what a statement like this actually means and what we can do with this information to welcome transformation into our lives (and maybe to our eyebrows too, because, yes eyebrow transformation is legit).

Before we break it down let us cuddle you up and tell you a story. A story of long ago. Several weeks in fact, when we got to do something really cool. We interviewed the speaker of the above quote for an episode of Millennial Mentorship and it. Was. AMAZING! That’s right, your favorite sister duo got to interview a big time guy like Dr. Bruce Lipton. We’ve followed his work for over a decade and have loved his books, youtube videos, teachings and philosophy for many years. Meeting him in person was a dream come true and hearing him speak into his research and findings was invigorating. You know what else is invigorating? Dude’s got a loving energy that joyously bursts from him in every moment. Surely he has his down moments but wow, the unexpected win of the interview was feeling the presence of someone so immersed in delight for the unfolding experiences and opportunities in front of them that it was powerful and inspiring.

But back to that eyebrow scrunching quote up there. If you’re like us you’re reading along and it’s all going good until you try to interpret what: ‘environmental signals that propel life’ means. Qué? What does that even mean?

Through his research and observation of cells Dr. Lipton made the connection that what drove cells behavior in the petri dish was that it was receiving information from, and responding to the input from the environment. The outside frequencies or signals are hitting the membrane of the cell, and being received by that cell and then processed and turned into some kind of reaction or behavior. So kind of abstract but makes sense right? Cell gets zapped and zap causes change in cell.

What’s cell zapping got to do with anything? Turns out only everything. You see different zaps cause different reactions. Zap a cell with yellow and it turns yellow. Zap it blue it turns blue. The cell turns yellow or blue based on what zapping gun is pointed at it, NOT because it was meant to be a blue or yellow cell. It is a receiver awaiting a zap to tell it what color to be. How this translates to our lives on the human level is that as the cells of the organism of humanity WE are also being zapped by our environment. Now granted our environments are craaaazy more complex then a petri dish, but the advantage of being a human is that you get to DECIDE WHAT YOUR PETRI DISH LOOKS LIKE!

We’re sorry to caps yell that at you but you are not a cell. You are not a victim. YOU have control over the zappers! You choose the ones you get zapped by. Even when a bigger zap comes you choose how it expresses in you. You are a self-aware, conscious human being with free will and independence and aptitude and capacity and you are able to change your environment friends. You have the power! Now before we get all Disney-villian level rant about power over here, we want to encourage you to read or listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s book: Biology of Belief and to tune into the episode next week to best understand not only this sliver of his work but so much more from such a profound thought leader. Find links for his materials here and watch for our interview to drop on Tuesday next week!

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