Interview with a Goal Slayer: From Dream to Reality with Katie Robinson

What do green beans, spray tans, and 6 day-a-week workouts all have in common? They’re all part of the regime it takes to participate in a fitness competition. Not to mention posing classes, body scans, and serving after serving of grilled chicken. Literal months of that reality is what it takes in order to get on that stage and rock a tiny bikini. in stiletto heels. in front of hundreds of people. Talk about pressure huh?

You know what else comes out of pressure? Diamonds, and the person we interviewed for this week’s Millennial Mentorship is exactly that. A diamond. Not only did she sparkle on stage that day and walk away a winner, she sparkled from the inside out and showed all of us that with a strong sense of purpose and a whole lot of dedication we can turn our goals into reality.

With Katie in the interview chair, we asked her about her journey and the challenges along the way and heard from her just how hard it was at times. In fact, when asked about what the hardest logistics challenge would be, we anticipated an answer along the lines of the early morning workouts or the strict meal requirement but Katie said that the mindset shift was the most important logistic of all to manage.

Katie shared that she was able to stay committed by reminding herself what this meant to her and what she was doing it for. By keeping her ‘Why’ at center focus she was able to persevere and see it through. You see years ago she had written this goal on a card. She’d felt the tug in her heart for some time and finally spoke it out loud and wrote it down. Then it sat on that card, and life kept going. Work, family, friends..And then her Dad’s health declined, and when the family lost him in 2018 the mourning also brought clarity. Health is important and so is living your life and accomplishing your goals while you can.

And so for herself, for her goal card, and most of all, for her Dad, Katie took the leap-or rather the HIIT workouts-and committed to Project C, a local program designed to help participants transform their fitness inside and out. Find out more about Project C here and listen to Katie’s interview to hear all about how she faced the very real, and very specific challenges along the way to her incredible top-placing performance in the fitness competition of her dreams.

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