Our Favorite Takeaways From the Power Duo Behind Two Peas In a Prada

When you see a social media following of over 200,000 people and posts with thousands of interactions and likes it can be easy to assume there is an army of people working round the clock to create content and manage engagement. When you find out that it’s two high school best friends who share a love of fashion with a passion and dedication to make something of it it becomes even more impressive. That’s exactly what we found in our recent interview with the fabulous women behind the smash success: Two Peas in a Prada. A wildly successful fashion blog run by the crazy-talented duo, Emily Wieczorek and Ashley Zeal these two women have made it their business to not just share fashion tips, resources and ideas, but also to build a community that shares, connects and supports one another.

Recently we had the honor of hosting the Peas for our Podcast Millennial Mentorship (look out for it dropping on Tuesday!) and we were amazed to find out how much these women do to create and grow their success. This duo has been running their blog as a business for SIX YEARS and have become trusted experts on successful blogging, monetizing and building engagement. In fact they have built relationships one-by-one with their followers to create a community of women who come to see them as positive cornerstones in their daily lives. Emily and Ashley keep it real about everything fashion, beauty, body positivity, travel, and motherhood while staying vulnerable and fun, humble and kind. Below is two of our favorite pieces of advice from our favorite peas in a Prada.

Blog it Up!

Emily and Ashley’s biggest piece of advice for people thinking about starting a blog now? Take it seriously and treat it like a business from the get-go. Blogging has become a highly competitive market and a crowded space. There are now 2 million blogs posted DAILY in the world but this DOESN’T mean that there is not room for you! What it DOES mean is that you should apply focus, intention and consistency to the practice and be in it for the long haul if it’s truly what you want. Emily and Ashley also shared the importance of entering into the space with authenticity and desire to serve your audience and to always seek to add value and connect.


Whether you’ve got a few hundred friends or followers or a few million you know that the internet is the proverbial bridge and that with that bridge comes trolls. Emily and Ashley have seen it all when it comes to haters hatin, trollers trollin and shamers shaming. From criticism on their physical appearance to how they parent they’ve learned that it’s important to know thyself and stand for your values. Emily and Ashley have declared their platform a “hate free zone” and aren’t scared to speak up and set rules and expectations for their audience. They also encourage taki g time to embrace and understand your worth. When you stand strong in your own beliefs it’s harder for other people to define you based on theirs.

We definitely fan-girled hard meeting the Peas in person and were even bigger fans after hearing their journey and lessons in real life. They are living examples of going after your dreams, never giving up and embracing The journey along the way! We give these two major props for keeping it real and staying consistent with their dream for the last six years. These two are a resource for fashion and design and are experts at their platform and business.Tune in to their podcast episode on Tuesday where they will be sharing their journey, challenges and as always a few ah has and ha has too!

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