The Mentorship Quest: Weekly Recap

If you didn’t get to quest with us live this week we’ve got your back! Below is each quote and lesson along with the quest from that episode. If you want to catch up on the all the episodes you can find them here!

January 6th: “Consistency Compounds.” -John Maxwell

On Monday, we talked about two words, but they are John Maxwell words so you know they are good. Not only is John Maxwell one of our own personal mentors, but he is also a respected speaker, author, and mentor to many more. On top of that, these two tiny words of his are known by the man himself to be the best piece of advice he can give.

To break it down, we humans have the ability to act consistently. Creatures of habit? Most definitely! The idea is that whatever we are consistent at will grow and multiply. The trick being, we have the power to choose whether we are consistently empowering (thus having this positive power multiply!)…or consistently disempowering (thus having negativity multiply as well). We strive to keep our consistent energy empowering because…yep…you guessed it…consistent positivity only compounds and brings more magic into our quest! And, well, when we have negative energy…that compounds as well…and the picture ain’t as pretty (yes, we’re talkin’ TRIPLE THE TROLLS!). Because our life is made up of thoughts, emotions, and actions, applying consistency to any of these things compounds to create the quality of our lives.

The Quest: Want to consistently compound a beautiful life for yourself and your family? Recognize something in your own life that you now do consistently, and take it as proof that you are capable of compounding just that! Once you realize this, set the intention of consistently doing things you would like to see manifest in multitude!

January 7th: “An infinite mindset embraces abundance whereas a finite mindset operates with a scarcity mentality.” ― Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

People say you don’t know what is truly important to you until you are faced with tragedy. So, let’s think about this for a second here. (Hypothetically speaking:) A natural disaster occurs in your hometown. All you have at this time is that forgotten “save for rainy day…or disaster” box in the basement you never thought you would have to use. You make the descent downstairs, wondering if you will get lucky and thank your former self, or, really, really, despise your inability to think in the longterm (what if?) mindset. What kind of box will you hope to have prepared? A box filled with an abundant supply of your favorite snacks, photos, tools, and first aid materials? Or, are the chances more likely you would be opening a box to find it scarcely packed (Not even a measly bandaid)?

We’re not mind readers-yet, but we are pretty certain you would like an abundant box in your time of need. As Simon Sinek believes, an infinite mindset embraces abundance and creates reliability and longevity in our lives. On the other hand, a finite, scarcity mentality craves quick results, and in turn, can cause us to cut corners on our goals, thus not allowing them to be fulfilled in the long-term (think of the basically barren box that was left unfilled).

The Quest: So, are you playing the infinite game of life, or the finite one? Are your actions congruent with who you want to be, and what you want to achieve, in the longest possible terms of your entire lifetime? Or, are you living in the finite space and therefore risking dissatisfaction when you go to open that box you created in the basement? Either way, EVERYONE has the ability to manifest and find signs of abundance in their own life! So, for today’s Quest: Keep your eyes open for a coin, and if you find it take it as a sign of abundance! And…if you don’t…keep looking 😉

January 8th: “I don’t think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentorship.” – Oprah Winfrey

We went full Goddess of Mentorship on Tuesday because let’s face it: Oprah JUST GETS IT! We, obviously, love a good mentorship (this IS the Mentorship Quest after all), and we’d be remiss if you didn’t get Oprah early on the quest.

In addition to the personal results of helping us grow as individuals, business owners, mothers and sisters, studies have shown numerous benefits to mentorship. From improved career outcomes along with higher employee engagement to retention, and inclusion the bottom line is: mentorship matters.

We have watched and experienced mentorships shape pathways to success along our very own quest and we have seen it’s power time and time again. While we have had some amazing people guide us based off of their own life lessons, mentorship does not always need to take place in the form of a physical, human relationship. Guides are people, but guidance comes in many forms. Mentors are people, but mentorship comes in many forms. As Oprah said without accident, only “some form” of mentorship is needed. And there are so. many. forms. people! Mentorship can be found through people, but also books, conferences, physical activity, meditation, science, nature, and-a current favorite of ours-Frozen 2! Yep, you heard it here first! Or…maybe second…tune back to our podcast from January 8th to catch that one!

The Quest: We challenge you to seek out some type of unconventional guidance. What’s your Frozen 2?! What is something ordinary that you could find a sliver of growth, significance, or new perspective from?

January 9th: “The real key is to live in an environment where the mind feels free to choose the right thing instead of being compelled by habit and inertia to choose the wrong thing.” – Deepak Chopra

Also known as…PREP YO’SELF (and your environment) BEFORE YOU WRECK YO’SELF (and your goals)! It’s time to start setting up our environment for success, and not self-sabotage. It’s 2020 and you are finally going to reach your goal of dropping those 20 pounds. Why then did you just fill your cabinets with cookies?…(Reader turns to kitchen, slowly approaches cabinets, and BAM – no cookies). Sorry to disappoint guys, but just bare with us in this hypothetical space for a minute longer. We don’t want to fill our cabinets with cookies when we are trying to lose weight. Why, you ask? If we were to stock up on junk food before starting a diet, it is highly likely that we will end up eating that junk food, and quitting the diet. Whereas, if our cabinets are filled with healthy fruits and vegetables, we will eat those delicious fruits and drop those pounds!

The Quest: Today, we challenge you to try this: Make one environmental change that can benefit you… Clean the stack of papers off your desk, lay out a washcloth and facial cleanser on your counter, empty the pantry of junk food, take the box of clothes out of the back of your car and give it to the goodwill…create a world where you WILL achieve your goals!

January 10th: “To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself.” – Marie Forleo

Responsible and successful? Sure! Those are two words we’d love to keep on our list of qualities. In the most basic of terms, when we are responsible, we are able to respond. This means that by keeping our promises to others, we are responding in a way that we previously promised we would, and thus holding our actions accountable to our words. When we keep a promise to someone else it is easy to feel that sort of accountability, because, after all, we DID PROMISE them! But do we still feel that same sense of accountability when we make a promise to ourselves? When we promise ourselves we will go to the gym in the morning and, when that alarm goes off and we peep our heads out of the abyss of warmth we call our beds – who’s there to hold us accountable? YOU guessed it! And if you decide to let yourself slip back into the sheets…you will do just that, and not another soul will know. So, needless to say, keeping promises to ourselves can be more challenging, but doing so can also reap major rewards. Just as Marie Forleo says, keeping promises to ourselves makes us successful (in whatever way we perceive success to be). The more promises we keep to ourselves, the more we will be able to trust the things we tell ourselves. I mean we are our own built in bff, go-to, 24/7 hang out…so we might as well be able to rely on us, right?

The Quest: This week we challenge you to try it out – be the best friend you look for in others – keep a promise! Make one promise to yourself you know you can keep to yourself and then do just that!


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