Tea For Two: A Date With The Voice In Your Head

Did you know you are drowning in TEA? Not literally seeping in dried leaves and plants, that would be weird. No the TEA we speak of is different. It’s your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. We seem to be consumed by this TEA, and for many of us we come to identify as our thoughts, emotions and actions. But who chooses the TEA? Most of us choose our thoughts, emotions and actions based on the voice inside our heads that narrates and dictates our entire lives. You know the one, it’s literally reading this to you right now in your head. Hi there voice!! But what if we ask: who hears the voice? What is it that experiences the thought or emotion? If the voice really was wholly and solely you, how would you hear it? Wouldn’t you just be TEA coming from a commanding-and often completely psycho-voice in your head and have no awareness of either?

By exploring questions like these you come to realize that you are not your thoughts, nor your emotions or your actions or your physical body. You are the experiencer of those things. You are the awareness of them. That voice inside your head? It’s not you. It’s your mind articulating the experiences happening around you. That’s it’s job. To narrate and define your environment the way you see fit. The way YOU see fit. You get to decide. Not you the voice, you the listener. You are in the captain’s chair, or at least you should be. But too often we give control to that voice-even when it’s saying crazy things.

You as the listener are the energy of consciousness that we’re all gifted with. The miracle of life. Spirit, soul, spark.. Whatever you call it this energy is the most powerful creative force in our lives and will give us the most splendid TEA we could imagine. Unfortunately we’re easily distracted by the voice inside our head and its interpretation of the outside circumstances and just like that, we’re drowning in TEA again.

So how do we get our hands on our TEA kettle and help that voice not take control so often? Well for one, you’re doing it right now, by bringing awareness and openness to the topic, and for two, well, that’s on you. Find resources that help you better understand this concept and invest in tools that will help you do that. If you’d like to explore this topic more with us, you won’t want to miss next week’s Millennial Mentorship podcast on this very subject and we also recommend the book The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer.

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