The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Quest – March 27th, 2020

When the OG father of motivation tells us how to make a fortune, we listen (and take notes)!

Now – First thing’s first: Jim never said that formal education was bad. He did say it will still make you a living WHICH is something all of us need…(I mean we are living lives after all)! So – *scribble that* – he’s not invalidating formal education (YES we see you teachers out there and trust us, we value you! Especially after being home school Moms for the last two weeks, ya’ll are saints), but he IS saying there are other options that might enrich your life faster and more deeply!

Class questions in session: HOW could self-education possibly be so much better than going to school?!

While it’s often easier to focus on skills than it is personal growth…personal growth is the most fulfilling growth that you can do because it permeates every aspect of your life! There is NOthing in your life that will be left untouched by personal growth. It affects your profession, relationships, and (we think this one deserves a *) grows your relationship to the world around you and how you see, perceive, and paint your picture of life! Basically, we think it’s safe to say it is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal.

Knowing the immense value that personal development can add to our lives, the next question that probably pops into your head is: what do we even mean when we talk about this self-education thing? But, unlike traditional schooling, there ain’t a textbook for this one (sorry Questers)! Self-education is the thing where you have to educate yourself FOR yourself. It’s that intention and investment in bettering yourself (however that may look to you!), and discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. It’s the realization of what you stand for. Self-education is the deeper understanding of your current state of being, and the exploration of who you want to become. Because – if you only have a fuzzy idea of these things, your life will follow with fuzzy results.

And – it takes TIME to clean off the fuzz, and know who you are with clarity. You can’t just read one book or go to one seminar and BANG you’re officially “personally developed” (but that sure would be convenient ;)! Self-education is an evolutionary process – meaning that it builds and compounds on itself through time and tenacity! I mean…we wouldn’t throw a kindergartener into a graduate level class right? (Teachers – you’ll back us on this one)!

It’s the REPEATED INVESTMENT that then compounds to more clarity, understanding, growth, and (to put it bluntly) MORE MONEY! Now – there is a slight catch…that repeated investment isn’t quite as quick as a tangible return of money on any ordinary investment. (PSA: Personal growth is not for the faint of heart)! Where – on the one hand you could go and learn a skill set in a couple of years to make a set amount of ca$h mula – personal growth can sometimes take time to express as far as richess go (AKA it’s a little less cut and dry) – BUT – for those who DO invest – a FORTUNE worth of richness awaits – professionally, spiritually, and monetarily!

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