The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 13th, 2020

WAHOO – You have officially been with us for 50 episodes, Questers! We are so grateful to have you along on this journey with us, and are even more stoked for today’s quote from F.D.R!

But first: Would you take a look at the sky with us? Do you see where the limits are?…Anyone?

…Trick Question cuz there ARE NO LIMITS! The sky is limitless and so can we be!

BUT – as F.D.R. says…the only limit of our realization of tomorrow will be…our own DOUBTS!

While doubts and limits are self imposed and man made, they were created to keep us safe in this physical reality. In other words – we doubt it would be a good idea to approach the hissing snake in the grass so we will probably take a pass on that one…and in good reason! But – when our physical safety is NOT in jeopardy – we want to annihilate those doubts – beat them from our brain – and get rid of them…they are no longer needed here!

Although it is normal, and human, and GOOD to have an element of analyzation before we make decisions, what often ends up happening is that we give our doubts the reigns, and let them be the predominant thinking patterns in our lives. Because, if we’re realizing or focusing on our limits and our doubts then the thing that we will realize (and manifest into our future) will be the things that we doubt about!…And WHO wants to bring their limits and doubts in the future?! (Scary to even think about, huh?!)

Thinking about the bigger picture – what limits our futures is our own belief systems. If we have a doubtful belief system and don’t think things will work, that will impact the action that we take, and the vigor in which we do that action. And – the energy and action we put out into the world, will then be matched equally and returned back to us in our future. SO – we can either choose to create an echochamber for ourselves in the positively empowering direction, or in the doubtful direction…

May you make your manifestations count, and formulate the future of your DREAMS (not your doubts)!

Want to do something more to drop your doubt? Listen to today’s podcast episode here!

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