The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 15th, 2020

We can think of no better quote for these unprecedented times than one from one of the most celebrated world leaders in history – Winston Churchill!

Winston Churchill lead through a World War…which is definitely a different situation than a pandemic…but t’s interesting to see the parallels of COVID-19 to a war because, although it is a global health crisis, many of us naturally move towards personifying this as something to battle and something to defeat.

When we can SEE our enemy (as we do in a war) it can be easier to unite, and during our global health crisis our entire WORLD is united under the same threat, but – since our threat lacks a face – it can be hard to know exactly how to fight back.

And, while we may not have all of these answers, what we DO KNOW is that during these times of extremely heightened levels of stress and struggle, there are two types of people. And, what sets them apart is their primary focus…

Say HELLO to our little friends: the pessimist and the optimist! The pessimist sees the difficulty (AKA the fight and the struggle) first and foremost, while the optimist sees the opportunity straight away. While the pessimist still acknowledges the opportunity, they primarily see how difficult it is to get there. And, while the optimist still notices the difficulty, they primarily see the possibilities within it. So – in sum – WE can SEE that both the pessimist and the optimist identify all sides of the situation, BUT what defines them is what they see first, and, most importantly, what they choose to focus on.

What is it about our primary focus that is so dang important? Well, what we know about our primary focus is that it tells us how to act and what to do next. In other words, where we place our focus, is where we will GO and GROW towards. You know, like the flower faces the sun no matter which way it’s potted or planted? Same sorta thing!

And, let’s face it – whether it’s a world war or a global health pandemic – there will be BOTH difficulty AND opportunity. But, what YOU focus on becomes your fuel and field of vision, and, where you choose to put your energy is ultimately what will drive your behavior – which then drives your RESULTS. (And then our results loop back around to further feed our pessimistic or optimistic mindset)! So…the choice is yours! What will you cause to manifest in YOUR life this pandemic season? Will you perpetuate positivity, or will you perpetuate pessimism?

Want the opportunity to hear today’s quest for yourself? Take a quick listen right here!

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