The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 16th, 2020


ay, we’re running off the rails (as if we haven’t already!), because our quest quote comes to you from the lyrics of Ozzy Osbourne’s song, “Crazy Train.”

We absolutely loved reading through the lyrics of this entire song and understanding its place in history and, can we just say – WOW! Life is a circle of repetition, and maybe this crazy train we speak about is really just your average train for humanity!

But seriously – this song could have been written yesterday and all we would be hearing is “that’s soooo relevant and deep mannnnn.” But, guess what?! It was written and released in 1980, gang! It’s been 40 full years which is CRAZY (…train – if you will ;).

And, IF this song was written 40 years ago, we guess the answer for good ol’ Ozzy is NO! It’s NOT too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate! Because – right NOW – throwing hate out the window and embracing love is only going to make your own human individual experience BETTER! Wanna bet?…Bear in mind what we said about life being a loop!

As we get older – and suffer losses – and experience pain – we can get conditioned to this hate, pessimism, and the infamous crazy train. BUT – as Ozzy tells us – it’s never too late to fix this, turn it around, and change the tracks your train is running on! And, in order to truly change this conditioning, we have to first learn how to love, and forget how to hate.

So, the next question you may be asking is: HOW?! How do we go about learning to love and forgetting to hate?

Learning is a process – which means it takes TIME – and also possibly a changing of habits, a reversal of previous thought patterns, and an adaptation of new perspectives. But, forgetting? That’s the hardest and easiest thing to do, all in the same breath! Because, to truly forget means we DROP IT. We don’t dissect it – and analyze it – and think about it for hours on end. Because, whatever you focus on, you feed, and it GROWS! So – instead of focusing on HATING the hate…we want to forget about it all together, and pay it no attention whatsoever. As has been said, the opposite of love is NOT hate. The opposite of love is indifference…

Now, you may be thinking “hate” is too strong a word to use in your own angelic vocabulary. But hate is a tricky little bugger, and hate can manifest in lots of different ways: (including but not limited to) unforgiveness, the inability to let go of things, over obsessive worrying, self hate, and overall negative thinking patterns that take you so far out of love you don’t even recognize what the two are anymore!

So, in sum – we need to forget these manifestations of hate (drop them and don’t pick them up!), learn the process of loving again, and finally GET OFF THE CRAZY TRAIN! Because, when we love – love loops back to us. And, when we hate...well, we just won’t even go there – but we think you get the picture! Life is a hamster wheel, a highway, a crazy train. It’s the circle of life that life is a circle! But – the question is: what will you have repeated back to you, and for you?

Finding the first stop off the crazy train a bit lonely? Hit up some questing companions on The Mentorship Quest Trail by listening to the episodes right here!

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