The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 17th, 2020

Happy FriYAY Questers! Today’s quote is brought to you by the legendary, OG pretty girl – Ms. Audrey Hepburn!

Our quote from Audrey is focused on belief, and, WOW, can we just say…these are some pretty great things to believe in!

When we say belief, we’re talking about that strong conviction (when ya know, ya know. You know?)! It’s that conviction that’s going to feed your mood – actions – choices – perspectives – ALL of the above. So – having beliefs like Audrey states in this quote – can only result in good and magical things in your life! And, let’s face it – we could ALL use a little magic during these COVID months.

There’s truly so much to believe in here, and even more to dissect with you all. You best believe…only the (quest) best things come in threes!…

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.

…Could there BE a time that things seem more wrong?! (Actually…we probably shouldn’t go there)…But, seriously – everything is upside down and quote on quote “going wrong” right now.

Our redemption? Being strong during this time will only make for better people, a better humanity, and a better world! BUT that doesn’t mean the “going wrong” part isn’t still happening all around us! And we think that’s Audrey’s point… EVEN THOUGH there is a mess going on around us, she believes in finding the message within that mess – finding strength within our struggle – and believing in the GOOD it can mean for our lives in the bigger picture.

I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

We absolutely love that Audrey talks about that inner light shining bright from within, and also redefines pretty as an INTERNAL function here. (AKA happiness makes you pretty – pretty don’t make you happy)!

Thinking about the happiest people, we are ALL (if not romantically) energetically attracted to these people – you just can’t help it! Because happiness is the emotion we all desire, those people who possess that emotion are naturally appealing to us as well! Plus, this feeling of happiness Audrey speaks of comes out of being STRONG consistently – and that’s one of the prettiest things we can ALL do or be!

I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.

If you’re left thinking, “well MAN, I sure haven’t been strong while everything’s been going wrong” or, “I must not be pretty because I’m not happy”…SENTENCE #3 IS 4 YOU!

Let Audrey’s quote serve as a reminder that when the sun sets, everything else resets. Life starts over and you have a fresh slate each and every day! And, with that opportunity of a new day, you can CHOOSE to be happy – choose to be strong – and choose to believe. So RISE like that new sun and just BELIEVE!

OPEN your eyes to see that miracles happen everyday! (And we don’t just need J.K. Rowling to write them in)!…Don’t believe us? What about the fact that YOU got the chance to open your eyes this morning? 🙂

Need a buffer between you and these big beliefs? We’re here for support! Hear what we have to say about it right here!

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