The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 1st, 2020

And on April Fools’ Day 2020, the infamous Mentorship Questers learned how to never be foolish again…

Today’s quote comes from the famous actress of the 1930’s, Ms. Mae West, who (fun fact) was only 5 feet tall! So – it’s a small quote, from a small lady – packed with all the sass and power it took to stand for sexual independence, transgender rights, and other revolutionary ideas as she did! Basically, May West is an OG of the OG’s, kinda girl.

For a woman in May’s time to even be talking about being so progressive (which was seen as a more masculine trait during this time…and sadly still can be today) might have been interpreted as a bit racy. BUT she ceases to hesitate, and stands up for it anyways – which just loads us up with that good, old-fashioned, empowerment energy!

Now, May is NOT saying that you’re a fool if you don’t rush and have an act-first-ask-questions-later mentality…May still wants us to do our do-diligence and think things through to a certain extent, but we think she’s really talking about avoiding the WAFFLE ZONE in this quote. (Missed that episode? – Take a quick listen to Episode 44: The Waffle)! And, for those of you who’ve heard it here before, you know the Waffle Zone (WZ) is formed when we hesitate so much on something, that we are unable to make a decision – left in the limbo of the WZ – and end up reaping the consequences of NOT making the said decision…MORE than we would have if we had just made up our dang minds sooner!

The true consequences of hesitating (and ending up in the WZ) can be seen all throughout businesses, politics, and the world in general – but our minds always go to our experiences at the Tahoe Treetop Adventure. At this outdoor, adventure park, you are hooked up to a zipline, and there comes a point where you have to jump from the platform, and lower yourself back to the ground. And, when you’re all hooked up and get to the point of the jump, you know logically that you are safe, but you watch so many people get to the point on this edge and they HESITATE – and they sit there and they suffer on the edge, in this Waffle Zone…And – when they finally get around to JUMPING – the outcome is the same as if they had jumped previously (the land it safe and sound of course!) – but they suffered through 5 minutes of self-sabotage before getting that result! And – in all seriousness, he who hesitates is a fool on the course because, if you DO hesitate – and then you half jump – you can seriously injure yourself!…And then you look like a REAL FOOL, because you were prepared and safe to make the leap from the very start!

May’s April Fools’ lesson is not about rushing things or making decisions without thinking. But, what it IS about is…when it’s time to make the decision – and the time is right (AKA you’re safely hooked up to the zipline, and you’re standing with your toes on the edge of that platform) …recognize that you’re there, you’re prepared, you’re safe, and you’re ready — and just JUMP!

Need a little extra push in order to take the leap? We’re here for you! Don’t hesitate – and listen to today’s episode right here!

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