The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 20th, 2020

Now normally – Buddha bumps in on Fridays…but, today (4/20) is a special occasion 😉

And yes – that means we’re getting LIT with Buddha! We aren’t talking about lighting up fat ones like Snoop Dogg, we’re talking about lighting our SOULS…with love...DUH!…What were you thinking of?

Anyways...what we love about this quote is that it really speaks onto those special gifts we hold deep inside – that are also the gifts that NEVER DEPLETE. You can give as much love, forgiveness, compassion, and empathy as you desire – and – like water turned to wine – that flow will never run dry!

And, you know you are in your purpose and really holding the fire of your authentic candle flame when you can give…and give…and GIVE of something – and it only energizes you MORE!

Now that kind of authentic energy is what Buddha is really talking about when he says he’s getting LIT! Buddha is pushing you to think about what it is that energizes YOU and lights your fire, because it is completely unique and different for each and every one of us!

What are those things that no matter HOW MUCH you give of it and to it, you still want to give MORE? You know, that energy inside that never dies, no matter how much you use it?

Our passions can never be depleted by sharing them, and neither can our happiness! We love that Buddha reminds us that happiness is never reduced by being shared, because, too often we fall into the trap of thinking we have to protect our happiness – and keep things the same – and make sure that others don’t grab it or get it. BUT, it is in this scarcity mindset that we end up getting hurt, because it does not lead to sharing in those positive emotions that END in happiness. Meaning: we are actually sabotaging ourselves by trying to protect the very thing that we seek to keep!

BECAUSE…Are you ready for this mic drop?…HAPPINESS DOES NOT EQUAL FULFILLMENT! Say whaaaaa?!

You know, because happiness is the END, not the means to the end! AKA: Happy has a middle man.

Just think about it: You seek love to result in happiness – you seek pleasure to result in happiness – you seek PEACE to result in happiness…the list could go on and on! We all want to be happy – and for that reason we see it as our end goal – but we forget about the means in the middle to get us there!

And…those means in the middle? THAT’S the flame people! We seek out our passions as a pathway to peace, pleasure, and ALL the good things that get us to our HAPPY! The trick is – to truly find out what lights that fire for YOU…(and not just on THE DAY of the flame 😉

Need a little assistance lighting the fire beneath your feet? Light up as you listen to today’s episode right here!

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