The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 22nd, 2020

Today’s quote comes to you from Shi’s sister spirit – Elsa! And, if you’re wondering when we gained a third sister…we’re talking about the fictional character from the Frozen movies! But, if you didn’t know, now you know: we’re totally in love with Elsa and Anna’s sisterly strength, and we like to think we are them, but the real life versions 🙂

Just FOUR little words from Frozen 2 – and yet such a powerful concept! (And we’re not just saying that because we are Frozen’s big time fan girls)!

At this point within the story of Frozen 2, Elsa has learned the key to controlling her crazy, killer powers (in a killer-cool way and a kill-her-dead kinda way). Elsa has learned that FEAR is the thing that makes her lose control of her powers, and LOVE is the answer to controlling them. (*insert heart eye emoji here*)

BUT, she had previously been letting the fear control her all her stinkin life because she was scared her powers would hurt someone! And, although Elsa had the best intentions – FEAR TRICKS US!…(Glad we finally got that one off our chests and out in the open!)

But, seriously – let’s break this fear down for a second…Long LONG ago, in a land faraway, humans were built to be afraid. Back in the day, when we coexisted with lions on the plains (and we were still nowhere near as fast as a gazelle), there were real physical threats to our lives everyday. And, fear? Fear was a natural response built in to keep us safe from mortal danger (AKA the lion that wanted to eat us). BUT – that was then, and THIS is now. And, in this moment, is there a lion close to you?…And, no – the Tiger King of your TV does not count!

While fear was created to keep us safe from mortal danger, in our modern world – we just do not face mortal danger daily! Which means: our fear isn’t as needed, and thus our Fear gets pretty pissed.

And when our Fear is upset, it starts feeling a little needy, and becomes this all-encompassing, attention grabbing thing it was trained to be in order to keep us safe! Except, now – instead of keeping us safe – it is steering us towards self-sabotage – in making us stress the silly stuff! In other words, fear makes sense when we are face to face with a giant tiger, but not so much when you’re worried about forgetting to put deodorant on…

In the end, our fear comes about with the purpose of “saving” us, but, when we begin to put trust in this fear, we risk letting it takeover and control us – and THAT is when we really start to see things fall apart, because we wrap ourselves in a stress-ball of LIES!

Fear is in a full on campaign to convince you that those worst case scenarios you are imagining are the truth – and your future – and your fate. So – if we place our trust in Fear’s campaign…we will make decisions from a place of fear (forged on untruths!) and not from a place of love. And, as Elsa tells us throughout the two movies – LOVE is the answer and fear cannot be trusted.

Oh, and one last thing: 99% of the things you worry about do NOT come true…but, how much time and energy are you spending anxiously thinking about these things that will most likely never come into fruition? Now, think about what would you do if you could have all that time BACK! Would you spend it stressed? Or, would you spend it sharing in special moments with the people you LOVE?

Fear cannot be trusted, but the love we share through our quests can! Want to join in? Listen to a mini, 5 minute episode right here!

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