The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 2nd, 2020

Today’s quote comes from platinum artist Tupac, (AKA “the legend”), and really gives us insight into the power behind our mind and body connection through movement. While Tupac was someone who died too young (at the age of 25), he was also a man who lived A LOT during those years, which makes his advice all the more worthy!

What we love about this advice from Tupac is that it really is SO freakin practical. We can do it any time, any day, any place! (Which means we put it into practice even amidst our global pandemic!)

Sticking your chest out and keeping your head up are physical cues and physical movements…AND, what we know about being physical and moving our bodies is that it is the fastest way to change our state. Why does this matter? Glad you asked!…Well because, if you can change your state – you can also change your level of enjoyment, the decisions and the actions you take and make, AND you can pretty much change your whole freaking life!

Even just 30 short seconds of doing something active can make a dramatic impact! Plus, (as Tupac gets at with this quote) your POSTURE makes all the difference in the world! Don’t believe us? Try it out!…Wherever you are, go ahead and just sit as you would if you were not confident in yourself at all. Are we hunched over a bit, now? Chest in, and chin down, perhaps?…NOW: stick your chest OUT and put your chin UP…Don’t you feel much more SURE from this position? Like you could tackle troubles differently than before, and maybe even take on the world?!

And the crazy part (on the flip side) is…if we all understand intellectually that moving our body physically DOES change our state and CAN make a difference – then when we DON’T make that choice…that’s when we have to examine what’s holding us back from truly wanting to change! Because, the real talk is – we’ve all been at that place where we are just SO miserable we want to stay there – BUT that’s when we want to keep the self-sabotage in check – and know deep down that if we went for a jog, or stuck out our chest and HANDLED IT – we would feel different and feel BETTER!

SO…when you are feeling unsure in life, take this posture with you to help you through the hard stuff! And, always remember…chin up princess, or the crown slips! 🙂

Chin UP, chest OUT, hand ON the mouse, and scroll over to listen to today’s podcast for yourself – right here!

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