The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 3rd, 2020

For those that know us, it’s no secret we are total Disney dorks, and we absolutely love that this quote pushes us to think about not only what we can teach our children amidst this pandemic, but also what we can LEARN from them.

While Walt Disney is well-known as someone who had a never ending imagination, and always held on to that spirited magic that comes with being a child – many of us too quickly lose this as we age. When we grow up, we can often become more rigid, view the world as grey, and lose our ability to live in the moment, use our imagination, and just have some plain old FUN!

And, turns out, we ALL need to keep these things close if we really want to feel good, spiritually grounded, whole as a human, and live a happy and fulfilling life! So, basically – we could all use a little more practice being childlike – especially during this COVID-19 quarantine season! And – although we don’t know how long this will last – we DO KNOW that if we look at it through the child’s lens – it might not seem as dire as some of our adult minds perceive it.

Some kids are too young to know what’s going on (like Kay’s 2 year old Violet!), but others a bit older can catch on to feel the real emotional and physical shift in their close communities. Nevertheless, kids all over the world continue to make the mundane, MAGICAL! Children from all walks of life are now bonded by the threat of the current virus, but also by their blanket forts, books read, stories told, hugs given, laughs heard, and pure love for life shared. Learning to truly see this time through their eyes can allow us adults “big kids” to better live in the moment, make the mundane magical, tap into our imagination, and open up opportunities for growth, fun, and family bonding!

While we are all feeling the struggle of COVID-19 in different ways, we are also all united under this season of life, which trials and tribulations are true for all. As we unite under the blanket of a spreading virus, may we also allow ourselves to come together under those blanket forts built! Because – we may never have a time like this again…a time to slow down, stay inside, and get that quality time with ourselves and our families. So let’s seize this opportunity and allow ourselves to realize all we have to gain, instead of just all we have to lose. Get out there – hug your kiddos close – and keep your inner child even closer! Today, find a way to make the mundane, MAGICAL!

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