The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – April 9th, 2020

Sheryl Sandberg hitting us with a quote that’s short, sweet, and straight to the point! Coincidence? Maybe. But it sure gives some added meaning to this message!

While Sheryl may have snagged this quote first, we too say it SO MUCH that it sort of feels like a part of us! So, safe to say, we LOVE this quote, and think the overall concept is helpful and transformative to our everyday lives!

What really hits home about this quote is that a lot of us have the tendency to sit in this place and be tweaking and tweaking and tweaking (till we can’t tweak no mo’!) and we get it JUST right…And, while we can so appreciate where the heart of this comes from, our world today don’t make no TIME for that!

But – in all honesty – how many times in your life have you been the person that’s endlessly tweaking and taking longer than you should (maybe letting resources go to waste and maybe not being the most efficient), and you get STUCK and never get the thing done because you are so focused on perfecting it? I know we sure have! And, as we would like to say when we fall into this trap, we suffer from a sad case of analysis paralysis.

We’ve all done this, and – we get it – we want to put out something that meets our standards and we are proud of! But, when we are paralyzed by perfectionism, we have to dig deeper to the source of truth, and ask ourselves…Are we covering up an underlying fear of what will actually happen when we put the thing out into the world? Do we have an unattainable ideal of perfection that keeps us achieving the things we want?

Now, we’re not saying you should take on an “all-things-go” approach or start shooting from the hip, BUT we would rather you get something DONE, and then perfect it – than to be so worried about perfecting, that it never gets done. So, instead of catching a case of the old analysis paralysis, we invite you to try out a new philosophy, and remind yourself: Done beats perfect. And, what gets done, gets perfected!

Do the dang thing. Maybe mess up a few times. And THEN perfect! Because, ANYTHING worthwhile takes time. And, anything deemed perfect is worth waiting for too 🙂

Need a little something more to just GET DONE? We’ve got your back! Listen to today’s episode here – and get it done within 5 mini minutes!

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