The Daily Scroll – A Mentorship recap: February 11th, 2020

This quote from Charlotte Brontë is so deep, and yet, at the surface, a lot of us go for that “dignified”…

Don’t we all fall into this trap, at one point or another? Let’s take a little rerun on the tape…back to highschool, perhaps? Highschool you – highschool you cared to be cool...BUT – by choosing cool – we may have been setting ourselves up to get less and less of that happiness we also desired. Why? Well because society dictates things that aren’t always congruent with our definition of happiness…who woulda thunk?!

So what’s up with this new idea of “choosing happy” – and how do we choose it for ourselves?! We can start by thinking about what it takes to truly make ourselves (yes, we are thinking about just us right now!) happy. After truly ruminating on the conditions of our own happiness, we can set ourselves up to ensure we have those things! Once we define our own happiness rules, we can then direct our lives towards reaching them each and every day!

Need to hear the happy for yourself? Listen to the 5 minute podcast here!

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