The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 12th, 2020

We absolutely love this quote from Harriet Tubman, and appreciate it even more when given the opportunity to honor these words in the wake of Black History Month.

Imagining a day in Harriet’s life, most would feel zero strength, patience, or passion. But if Harriet could live through those conditions and also live this quote – WE can live this quote. And if Harriet used strength, patience, and passion to thrive through being a black woman during the time of slavery, we want to emulate the same for our own success (however different from Harriet’s that might look)!

Although Harriet never lived in a position of typical strength, her life serves as an example of undeniable courage – and that’s the key. In order to gain strength, we have to be courageous first, and then encounter those situations that make us strong. We must appreciate the pain our courage brings as part of our growth!

While strength is a characteristic of behavior we must exercise over and over again, patience can be cultivated within, as it is an emotional state of being. It’s that consistency piece that sometimes presses our patience…We must have the patience to keep consistent at the things we want, even when it’s hard!

And, last but never least passion. We don’t need to follow up on these feels. You know – the on fire, no holds barred, “I’m going to wake up early AND go to bed late to do the thing”, kinda feeling. The feeling of passion deep in your heart and burning through your belly…Ya know when ya know!

Do you have 300 seconds? Listen to this episode of Mentorship Quest here!

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