The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 13th, 2020

A quote from an absolute powerhouse of a gal, here to join our Galentine’s Day Quest!

But, THIS QUOTE THO! Dang. This is a good quote.

Since we all just watched the Superbowl, let’s get a run down on our peeps who were out there on the field. In football, when there is a controversial flag (when are flags not controversial), there are 3 types of players. The one who gets angry and is thrown out of the game, the one who quits and walks off the field, and the one who deals with it, claps their hands together, and says, “we got a game to finish!” While we totally feel for the players who argue the foul when someone is doing them dirty, don’t we admire the players so much more when they simply get back on the field and return to playing the game?

We may be the observers of the Superbowl, but imagine the observer looking at you and your beautiful life – while watching you lose your mind about one “foul call”?

Foul call or not, the bottom line is that LIFE is not fair, but WE do get to choose how we react to it – whether we choose to go high…or to go low.

And to the rest of our gals out there – (sorry guys, it wouldn’t be Galentine’s Day without a shoutout to all our women!) – let’s admire the power of the double edged sword we have with us on this quest of life…You know…that feminine tendency to either gal pal around, or turn into the mean girl (within seconds flat)! Let us choose to be the gal pal – and round all the rest of them gal pals up – to hit the high road together 🙂

Want to hear the episode for yourself? Check it out right here!

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