The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 18th, 2020

In honor of black history month – a quote from such an incredible figure in human rights history – Rosa Parks. This quote from Rosa reminds us that our legacy is left through what we do and how we live, not what we say – think – or intend.

And, just as Rosa lived to help end segregation, we have to live our want to make the change, and leave the impact. Because – whether we realize it or not – we are always contributing to the things we are a part of – but our actions dictate whether our contribution leaves a positive or negative ripple effect.

Not only does Rosa’s life demonstrate tenacious dedication to the cause she was apart of, but the things she did to help end segregation and fight for equality continue to have ripple effects on our world today. Rosa Parks’ life serves as a reminder that not only do our actions have the power to leave a legacy, but they also have the power to change the world.

Since our lives are made up of actions and deeds (why hello there – welcome to life!), we know that our lives will be a story no matter what. The thing we may sometimes forget is that WE get to decide what story we want to tell! It is when we realize this, that we can start helping to make the BIG CHANGES we yearn for today!

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