The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 24th, 2020

Speaking of miles….Yesterday, we completed our first Disney Princess Half Marathon in Florida! And here to keep us on our runner’s high – a quote from the ultimate (fictional) athlete…Hercules!

Hercules tells us that every mile will be worth it, and boy do we feel that ourselves right now (even amidst the blubbering)! Why all the blubbering, you ask? Well, because – not every mile was easy for us – just like every mile won’t be easy for you. I mean, seriously, every mile wasn’t even easy for Hercules! Some of the miles are hard…and some you have a cramp…BUT – the miles only accumulate if we run through them. (No teleportation allowed – sorry folks)!…The only way to go through a mile, is to actually GO THE MILE!

So – Hercules wants us to run that mile and go that distance – but he never said it would be easy. Because, in order to go the distance, we have to expend motion and energy towards the destination (or at least forwards)! Meaning – we’re puttin’ in the WORK in order to propel ourselves towards the thing we want.

What makes the miles really WORTH IT, then?

We find that the miles with most value are those we don’t only run through, but we also look back on to reflect. Every mile is worth our while when we evaluate the experience – both in how it made us feel – and in learning how we could improve for next time – just as we should with all of life’s experiences!

Each day we can find so much value in reflection – both in looking back on our mile, and our days, months, years, and LIVES! Evaluated experience helps us know how to make our mile time quicker and our lives better!

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