The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 25th, 2020

This is such a powerful statement from John Maxwell, and also, sorta like a 2-for-1 deal! John tells us that: (1) Our peace is up to us – and – (2) Our internal experience is up to us also!

So – if it’s all up to US – we better figure out what peace even IS, so we can start gettin’ ourselves some! Peace is quite the charged word, and holds differing expectations, connotations, and overall meaning for many. Some people think peace is a hippy thing – others think it’s religious. For some people, peace just means quiet, and can serve as a neutral space of being pleased by life, without the jittery (did I just take a shot of espresso?) feeling of euphoria. But really…we can’t realistically stay in a euphoric state forever – so peace is our go-to baseline for those good ol’ grounded feels!

Although everyone may have a different sense of what peace means to them, we ALL have the opportunity to cultivate more of it for ourselves every day! Which takes us back to John Maxwell’s point #2 – while we cannot control what happens TO us, we can control what happens IN us. And if WE decide we want to react to life’s tricks in a way that keeps our zen, no one can take that away from us! (No sir – not even Buddha himself!) But we are RESPONSIBLE for our REACTION, and whether we hold on to our peace for dear life, or let it slip away at any sign of struggle.

And we HEAR YOU – It can be so difficult not to react and let our peace get taken away. BUT, if we can come from that higher place of understanding with ourselves and others, we will be better able to respond to all that life throws at us, and ultimately remain unshaken, and peaceful more often!

Need a little something extra to help you peace out? Take a listen to the episode right here!

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