The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 26th, 2020

Oh Rachel, if only you were with us at 8th grade graduation!

But seriously – we can all remember a point in our lives where we had a special event we were SO excited for…got dressed to the nines and showed up looking like a 12/10 – just to find everyone else looking 12/10 too. And…some people’s 12 was better than your 12…so your comparison killed your joy and you ruined your own night.

We have ALL fallen victim to this mental thinking trap, which is why Rachel stresses the importance of comparing ourselves to our past selves, instead of those around us. EVERYONE is so gifted with DIFFERENT things – but it’s a little thing called comparison that keeps us from seeing how BEAUTIFUL and incredible that is, as well as how beautiful and incredible WE are.

But – FO REAL – if we think of each of us as popcorn, ALL the kernels in the bag are the same, but every kernel (and every person) pops at different times. And…maybe you haven’t popped yet – or maybe you have – or maybe your burnt or maybe your buttery (…just anything but salty)! The point is: you are your own unique popcorn kernel that’s meant to pop when it’s your time (and looking around at the other kernels sure ain’t gonna make you pop any faster)!

By being able to turn the comparison eye internally and solely compare ourselves to where we were, we are free from the guidelines of others, and are better able to account for our own unique growth. Because we know PROGRESS is a vital key to our happiness – being able to compare ourselves to where we were yesterday allows us to see how far we’ve come, and relish in just that 🙂

Wanting to compare today’s mini-blog to our mini-podcast? (We’ll pretend we’re not a little offended)…and let you listen to today’s episode here!

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