The Daily Scroll – A Mentorship Recap: February 27th, 2020

What we love about this quote the most is that it speaks to a very common misconception (in American society in particular) that says what matters more in this life is what we HAVE and not who we ARE.

Now – on a deep level – we all know that this is a theory we do not want to subscribe ourselves to, and yet, we can often fall into this pattern of thought so easily. You might consider yourself WOKE – but then don’t wear the Walmart dress because someone might notice it’s a Walmart dress…ya feel us?

So, how much time are we spending really trying to be impressive to others, versus understanding and defining what makes us inspired – and therefore successful, happy, fulfilled…(all those good feels)?! Because – the more time we spend trying to impress others – the more we fall danger to accepting that as our priority OVER finding what inspires us, and thus defining our true success!

While we can all prioritize being (or just simply looking) important and successful over our own happiness and satisfaction, we chose this quote today to remind ourselves that it’s not about how it LOOKS, or whether or not it matches the “societal standard”. It’s about how it FEELS to you. And living a life that’s inspired by YOU, and not the opinions of others, is just about as authentic as it can get!

Inspired to absorb every last lesson from today’s quest? Listen to the episode right here!

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