The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 28th, 2020

Simple words with profound impact being just ONE of the reasons we love Buddha so much!

Seeking our purpose is one of the oldest human quests of time. But how do we find and define this “purpose” thing?

And – IF we find that our purpose is something tangible – say….building orphanages in Africa? That sounds like a pretty beautiful purpose, eh?! If we GET the thing (plane ticket), and we DO the thing (build the orphanages)…then what? What happens when that goal has been achieved and we no longer have that “purpose”?

To cut right to it – we put ourselves at risk when we define our “purpose” as a function and not a feeling. Because of this, we are looking to challenge the mainstream definition of purpose (as a role or function) and, instead, find our purpose through the way we FEEL! So – if you said your purpose was to be an African orphanage builder, we would first applaud you (that is amazing!), and then suggest that perhaps your purpose is really to help children and those that are less privileged in general! Make sense?

And, the cool thing is, we can apply this to the most successful people in the world – like Oprah. Her purpose was never to “have a tv show” – BUT, the tv show functioned to aid her in inspiring and connecting people on a grand scale – (which she defines as) her TRUE purpose!

Because, when we FEEL FULFILLED doing the thing, we know we are doing the thing on PURPOSE. And, this feeling of being “on purpose” – is that unmatched feeling. So – if you can focus on that feeling (instead of the function that brings you to that feeling), you will find yourself FEELING that in all kinds of areas of your life!

Want to find your purpose, as well as this podcast? We’ve got you! Listen to today’s episode right here!

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