The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 4th, 2020

All the way from the Land of Oz, Glinda The Good Witch droppin today’s lil mentorship crumb.

What’s more than a crumb is the power we all have inside…And if you’re alive…YOU GOT THE POWER! Cue epic 1990 pop jam here….This notion of inner power is not a new one, but boy is it powerful!

Each and every one of us have an undeniable energy within us (the energy to think, move, feel, act…), but there are also powers that are unique and special to every individual! After all, nature loves diversity and power comes in ALL shapes in sizes! The catch is how we view our strengths (as empowering or disempowering) makes all the difference.

For example, Kay is tall. Now Kay has this really magical power that enables her to reach things on the VERY TOP SHELF but that doesn’t mean she would necessarily have it easy if she decided to become a gymnast today. SO – glass empty, or glass full? It’s not just about understanding your specific powers, but also where you can apply them best to feel the most empowered!

Need to hear the episode for yourself? Listen here!

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