The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap- February 5th, 2020

One of the fathers of motivation himself joins us as Quest Guide today…and with some super relevant life advice we might add! It happens to all of us. We get fired up by something we see or hear but, fast forward 2 weeks…2 months…2 years later, and we are left wondering where the motivation went?!

PSA: Motivation wears off friends! It’s one of those finite feelings that doesn’t flow without prompting or habit building around it. It’s when we get that good-good motivational momentum that we can keep it moving forward.

How do we get this monumental motivational momentum? Well the good ol’ Zig Ziglar pump n’ prime of course! Old school motivation fans here with us? We GOT YOU! And for the rest, Zig’s prime and pump story goes a bit like this…Motivation needs to be primed much like a pump does. In order to get water to come through a pump, we first need to put water in it! We see motivation as this priming for our pumps – it puts a bit of effort and inspiration in to help get us moving (as well as our pump flowing), BUT we need to continuously prime our pump to ensure it doesn’t dry up!

AHA – We must find what truly motivates us and engage in priming it every dang day. If only there was a short, motivational podcast out there to help us do that… hint hint, there is – click here.

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