The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – February 7th, 2020

ALL LOVE for Mark Twain and this quote. But, admittedly, we do think this quote could use an “in the beginning” introductory clause. For almost any major accomplishment or goal requires a painful start. As they say, any goal worth reaching takes a steep climb!

So, we all want to eat pizza and cake all day, but we know that in order to truly THRIVE (and not just survive) we need our veggies. You know, the kale…the spinach…the peas…the (*insert your least favorite green thing here*) – we love to hate ‘em. But, thinking about the alternative, would you rather have a cup of kale a day, OR face fatigue, hair loss, and a higher risk of illness? Hey, we ain’t preachin’, we’re just sayin…Frankly, it’s not about what we prefer, it’s about what’s good for us!

PLUS – the more we practice making healthful choices, the easier it gets. Remember when we modestly mentioned that Mark’s quote should have been prefaced with “in the beginning”? In the beginning, eating healthy is not doing the thing that we want (especially with all that tasty temptation out there)! But, after awhile of avoiding that temptation, we get to see our bodies, minds, and overall being reap the benefits. It’s then – when we have reaped the benefits and done the hard climbing – that we can authentically say, “I WANT and LIKE to be healthy!”

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