The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 10th, 2020

This quote by Misty Totzke is so simple, yet so true – even if the quote was only made up of the first 5 words! But…it ain’t – so we’re gonna break down this quote for you in THREE parts:

Your mess is your message!

Though we may not dig this – our mess becomes a part of who we are, how we see the world, and what story we tell the world. Because we learn – and we grow – from our failures, mistakes, and all the other hard stuff. And – while sometimes our mess can be the worst thing in our lives, when it serves as a tool for can also sometimes be the most beautiful thing!

Your resilience comes from not giving up on yourself.

To show up – to NOT quit – EVEN THOUGH we messed up and are in a mess! To love ourselves enough to not give up, and forgive, even if the mess was our fault and responsibility. By not giving up on ourselves – we become resilient. And, when we are resilient, we get to reframe the nature of our mess – and turn our mess into our message.

Figuring it out is the most beautiful adventure you’ll ever have.

When we can finally figure out that the message is inside the mess, (and without the mess you wouldn’t have the same message) – the MESSES STOP LOOKING SO MESSY! Opening ourselves up to realizing that things might not be happening TO us, but that they actually may just be happening FOR us! Even if we don’t like what’s happening – we can have faith that something beautiful can come from it!

When we are able to experience this internal mindframe shift, we can see that our problems are actually OPPORTUNITIES – which means: our mess is truly our message! And even when we can’t see the message just yet – we keep the faith and have the resilience to hold on – and keep showing up for ourselves until we do.


Want to hear this message for yourself? Listen to today’s podcast episode here!

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