The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 11th, 2020

Well we are just bursting with excitement for today’s lesson! And YES questers – we are going quantum on you – but in the Kay & Shi way of course 😉 – so hang tight!

First – let’s start with what quantum even is!…Quantum physics is the science of studying things as small as possible. And more specifically, the smallest particles of energy on the planet!

What does this mean for us?

Well – Bruce tells us that (when studying quantum physics) it was found that what was thought to be physical, was not actually physical. And, instead, they found that the world around us is created by particles…Which means: WE ARE MOSTLY SPACE! Space filled with ENERGY!

And – if everything at its base is energy – (you can imagine little waves floating along on an energetic field) – that means that WE get to influence those waves with our wants and wishes, but even more so off of our habits and patterns.

While physical reality of course still exists, REALIZING that it’s more shapeable than we give it (and ourselves) credit for allows us to place control back where it is due: within us!

So – if things are solid in front of us, but energy at their base – and WE can influence energy based on our own intentions…WE have got some MAD RESPONSIBILITY on our hands, yo! (And one that we sadly often hand over to default, conditioning, or belief patterns).

*Insert Internal Dialogue:

“Woah, everything is energy and I can influence it.”


Having the understanding that everything is made of energy then allows us to bring forward action on it, and intentionally start using our own energy and focus to bring about the results and changes we seek!

The Question is: How will YOU choose to influence your life and our world?

Feeling energized to keep influencing your mind? Find today’s podcast episode here!

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