The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 12th, 2020

We love Marilyn Monroe for shining light on the fact that fulfillment comes from the inside out!

Now – she doesn’t mean to say that fame can’t be fun or enjoyable. OF COURSE it can! It’s really just about acknowledging that fulfillment piece of how we feel – and we have to look internally to find that! Because – in truth – the INSIDE game is the game we find fulfillment from. And, fame might be a byproduct if you’re playing the game right on the inside – but – if you’re not – it will end up being warm for a moment but never fully satisfying.

And ultimately, when someone with more spotlights in history than anyone up until her point tells us that’s not what will fulfill us…then, what light will?

Figure this: If you have a hot spotlight goin’ on inside you at all times you will NEVER get cold. Nope! Not even in the pits of Antarctica peeps! Okay you’ll still get physically cold, but that inner glow can warm just about everything up if you let it!

While we will never have control over the spotlights others shine ON us, we will always have control over when and what light shines FROM WITHIN US – and that is the light we feel fulfillment from! And, WHERE we choose to point our spotlight is going to become our field of vision and what we can see. So, if we point it out on the things we don’t like and the things we beat ourselves up about – that will be our (not so bright) reality. But WE can choose to MOVE our spotlight to the things we DO want to focus on – the things that are more productive for us – and – most importantly – the things that FULFILL us!

If you really think about – every single option of things you could want in your life are out there in the infinite blackness, but it is up to YOU to choose where you want to shine your light, focus your attention and energy, and illuminate your goals into reality!

So get out there and ignite YOUR light!

Want to hear today’s quest with your own ears? Listen to the episode right here!

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