The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 18th, 2020

This quote is so layered, dimensional, deep and MMMMMM it’s SO GOOD that we could probably just eat it up (new Squeeze In menu item anyone?)…

While our society is so focused on beauty, it can be easy to forget about both physical and mental, soul strength. We absolutely love that Louisa addresses this idea that strength and beauty don’t have to be mutually exclusive but that they CAN go together, and even more so that they MUST in order for us to become all that we’re meant to be and reach our greatest potential (both women AND men)! Louisa lived in an era where this was the emerging, cutting edge women – while we’re lucky enough now to live in an age where women can be all these things fairly freely – and there are some real tactics we can use to help strengthen ourselves in these areas! So…let’s get our handy dandy notebooks out and cover all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes we can exist on so that we can be our best, beautifully holistic self:

What does it mean to have a strong mind, heart, soul, and body? Well, we’ve made a handy dandy checklist for you below 😉


-A person who is not influenced too easily (AKA their sails don’t just blow to any wind that comes along – it’s the wind of their purpose only that can fill their sails and make them move)

-A person not influenced by ego (That voice in your head telling you those mean things)

-A person not influenced by doubt. (It’s mind over matter, baby!)

-A person not influenced by surroundings, peer opinion, or media – but instead embraces their authentic self and remains true to their personal values. (This is a hard but vital one.)


-To know who you are and connect to that actively (Know yourself and be yourself – always!)

-To have a spiritual connection, awareness, and presence that makes you feel whole and unified (and one that you can count on to be there for you no matter what the storm is around you!)


-A person who is ready to weather any emotional storm that may come their way without losing their sense of self.

–(This doesn’t mean they have a heart of stone and don’t get emotional – but it does mean this person doesn’t allow the sea of emotion to drown them and take them out!)


-Healthy, Fit, CapABLE (Able to take in and hold whatever it is that their strong heart leads them towards, that their soul tells them to move towards, and that their mind is conditioned to DO!)

…And when all four of these parts come together THAT’S the real beauty!

Sound like you? You STRONG human, you!

Some of us unable to check them all off, just yet? No worries, we haven’t either! But we sure as heck have something to strive for every dang day now!

Because – when we are physically and habitually able to take in the kind of life that our hearts and souls are asking for – when all four of these things are in alignment – our lives become UNSTOPPABLE!

Looking to strengthen your knowledge on today’s quest-lesson? We LOVE IT! Listen to today’s episode right here!

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