The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 20th, 2020

Today’s quote comes from Mandy Hale and her book, Single Woman. But – this quote is universal – and definitely doesn’t just apply to our single ladies out there!

Ever heard the saying that God’s greatest gift is unanswered prayers? (And we could replace god with a higher power, the universe, our fairy godmother, angel in the sky, etc.) This doesn’t mean our unanswered prayers don’t hurt in the process (it sure as heck doesn’t feel GOOD when a door gets slammed in your face)! BUT – realizing this can make it hurt a little less, or at least make the pain more bearable, because we understand there is a reason...even if we don’t know what that is yet!

We like to understand the door slamming as just an ingredient in your cake. That door shutting doesn’t mean your life is OVER and you don’t get a yummy cake, it just means it might be a different flavor than you first imagined. And while you THOUGHT your cake was going to be vanilla – it’s actually meant to turn out rainbow, pistachio, sprinkle cake!! (Which is TOTALLY way better in our opinion anyways). But – if you had attempted to taste your cake right after the baking soda goes in and your batter isn’t fully ready – it’s probably gonna taste pretty nasty! IF we can anchor ourselves in knowing that what’s behind the door wasn’t meant for us, it helps us move on and find a better door – AND also make an even more delicious cake!

“….But what if this isn’t TRUE? How can you be so sure that everything happens for a reason, Kay & Shi?”

Well – think about this: How would your life be if you DID NOT think this? How would you feel if a door closed then? (It would probably just about take you over with a whole life’s worth of upset and regret) so….WHY even go there, and subject yourself to that unnecessary pain? Oftentimes we remind ourselves of this and take a moment to evaluate, and ask ourselves this question: Do my belief systems make my life better, overall more enjoyable, and fulfilling…or do they make my life worse? When we rephrase the question in this way, it TRULY becomes less important whether some beliefs are true or not! Because – if they make your life WORSE – you may want to re-examine!

On the note of belief – we are BIG believers in the principle that (as Tony Robbins says) – life happens FOR us and not TO us. Take a moment and think about it…What if life was conspiring in YOUR FAVOR? What if you actually just believed that? Would you have more peace in your heart when a door closed on you? Maybe, you’d even say THANK YOU and move on to finding the other doors that have something even better behind them 🙂

Want to see where this secret door (here) takes you? You may just find yourself with the gift of even more mentorship!

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