The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 24th, 2020

It may be Taco Tuesday, but today we’re tac(in) sandwiches with this quote from Allan Rufus!

As a part of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Allan utilizes metaphors to help people easier understand complex messages. So – you may have noticed that your life isn’t LITERALLY a sandwich, but, by metaphorically comparing life to a sandwich, he helps us understand and picture life in a way that enables us to realize: we are the sandwich maker, and not the actual sandwich itself!

What makes a sandwich a sandwich (and life – life) is that it’s stuffed between two pieces of bread (life and death). Therefore EVERYBODY has that part of the sando. BUT…what goes in between the bread is wildly and vastly different for everyone! When we look at all the components of our life’s sandwich – the cheese, lettuce, tomato…ALL THE STUFFINS – WE have the opportunity to choose which of these we put in our sandwich, and what we choose to leave out.

When thinking about what this looks like from a life perspective – we invite you to take the metaphor to the next level and ask yourself: What kind of sandwich do I want in my life? Are you particular about what’s inside?…We certainly are! (Cue the gluten free bread, hold the meat, double the mayo), and, most importantly, NEVER the onions!

But, in all seriousness, wouldn’t it be interesting if we applied that same particularity to our LIVES? What if we got really particular about accepting ONLY the things we like or want into our lives? What would our sandwiches look like then?

Take a second to think about it…What are the ONIONS on your sandwich right now? What are the things you don’t like between your slice of birth and death? Are you allowing these onions on your sandwich at the cost of the flavor of the whole 5 dollar footlong?…OR…maybe you need MORE flavor, and you’re ready to upgrade from the ol’ turkey mayo?

In evaluating our feelings on the sandwich we currently have, we can then swap out the necessary ingredients to make the sub of our DREAMS! (…Our mouth isn’t watering – yours is!)…NOW – sometimes you can’t choose whether or not someone’s going to smoosh your sandwich, or take a bite out of you…but you CAN CHOOSE what’s going to be on the inside of you 🙂

SO – put those plastic gloves on, get that hairnet intact, and start subbin’ it up to find YOUR combination of personal perfection!

All this sub talk making you hungry? Take a snack break and listen to this episode while you munch!

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