The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 25th, 2020

We are so appreciative of Albert Einstein for not only forging some of the worlds greatest scientific discoveries, but also bringing a new sort of dimensional awareness to the reality of life. While we often imagine him as the scientist and mad genius with the chalkboard, a lot of what he actually advocated for and talked about was life’s universal principles, and realizing that his science brought him back to the importance of perspective, curiosity, and (our personal favorite) the never-ending quest to know more…

This sense of curiosity he speaks about IS that wonder – that wanting to drive forward – to do more, see more, create more, and BE more. And – if you think nature doesn’t like diversity…TAKE A LOOK AROUND!…(Up for a game of Scattergories anyone?) We’ve got flying insects, to massive mammals ruling the ocean, to sentient human beings!

And, THAT was no mistake! To be biological creatures that are also gifted with this consciousness – and the ability to create, use intention, and focus – means that we have a little piece of that awareness within us, and get to be a contributing part of that consciousness. Because…a wave in the ocean is still part of that ocean. And getting the opportunity to BE a wave….is just a really special gift (and, unfortunately, also one that many of us take for granted)…

Trust us…we GET IT! It’s can be SO easy to just get back into your routine of brushing your teeth and driving your kids to school (and soccer practice, and their friends house, and *fill in the blank*) BUT we have to remember that we are sentient beings with free will and that’s quite the curious phenomenon…and, also, pretty freaking SPECTACULAR!

Even though you may not feel this – the fact that we are beings who can reflect on these curious things – says A LOT! OR – take the fact that we are physically wired to receive chemical endorphins when in contact with new things…Quite literally, when we see something that we never have before, our brain is wired to send chemicals all throughout us so that we want to see MORE uncharted territory. Meaning that we as human beings are wired to be curious and create!

SO – stop fighting against the flow and embrace the tide you’re in – with ALL your questions, curiosity, and creativity!

Curious to hear the quest for yourself? We hypothesized you might! Listen to today’s episode right here!

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