The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 26th, 2020

An American abolitionist and author – Harriet Beecher Stowe – with a good old fashioned encouragement quote we absolutely love!

While this quote is easy to say and believe in hindsight of the tough times, in the midst of the moment it can be hard to grapple with the notion that before our sun rises, the darkest hour of night exists. And, when this moment does occur in OUR lives – it can be easy to feel like it’s somehow DIFFERENT. Although we all are beautifully unique humans – this phenomena was just as true in the 1800’s when Harriet lived, as it is today.

Not so sure this is real talk? Let us tell you a true story about the 49er miner. Imagine: We’re back in Harriet’s day – and there’s this 49er miner. Now, this miner is out there hacking away in the mountain – and he goes and he goes and he goes – and he doesn’t find gold for 3 YEARS! So, he quits….Wanna know what happens next? Some other people go back to his mining spot and TURNS OUT it was only 6 feet further to strike gold. And – if he had JUST KEPT GOING he would have found the largest gold mine around in the 1800’s. And that’s after 3 FREAKING YEARS people…Now THAT’S a long time (especially to be pickaxing a dang rock)!

Miner’s story feeling too folktale-esque? How about the current 49ers football team getting it to the 99 yard line but not being able to conquer that final yard? Same phenomena – different story!

There are tons of diverse ways to depict this encouraging advice because EVERYBODY has those defeats and those darker hours…but, NOT everybody makes it through…

What can happen is – when we get our boat into that particularly tough ocean and it feels like the tide is never going to start turning – (instead of going with the flow of life and allowing ourselves to ride with the waves) – we turn our boat away, and go against the current instead…The problem with going against the current? You get STUCK!

And, the last thing we want is to get stuck – and stay in that tight place – and let it be the destination of our lives! We say No-way-Jose to that. And, instead, we GO THROUGH IT – get over it – persevere past it – and arise from the ocean RESILIENT.

Just like walking on fire! Or, was it water? NOPE…definitely fire! At Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Event, attendees have to walk across hot coals. And – on the VERY FIRST night of the event (Tony gives NO SLACK 😉 – ourselves and the other attendees became FIRE WALKERS…Almost like white walkers but cooler in a warm way…(Can you tell we’re Game of Thrones fans yet)? Anyways – back to the event! After walking across the coals, Tony tells the story that the only people that get hurt or burned on the coals are the ones who STOP. So – as long as you have the right mindset and you’re determined to walk across them and KEEP MOVING FORWARD no matter WHAT – you will not get hurt!…And yes, that means you can’t stop for a selfie on the coals…but you can conquer the flames as long as you keep going! And – moral of the story? Sometimes the only way OUT is through! So, whether it’s hot coals or hot GOALS – get out there and quest through life today!

Need to be talked through on this one? We got you! Hear the episode right here!

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