The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 30th, 2020

We have always loved Marie Forleo, but this quote from her really puts the POWER behind our passion!

The words we say to ourselves are the ones that have that itty bitty living space inside your brain, and the only person that they’re tangible to is YOU – which means they have the power to make you (and build you up), ORRRR…break you down. In other words…the only person harmed by this dialogue is YOU!

Wondering how you can harness your magical powers for good instead of evil? You’re in the right place ;)…We can change our inner dialogue once we become aware of it! Because – in total truth – we’re ALL better served by monitoring this inner dialogue, and knowing it’s cycle of impact.

Here’s how we view it: our internal dialogue feeds our belief system – which then makes us put in a certain amount of effort – that then gets us a certain amount of results – that then reinforces the belief. SO – wherever we are in the cycle – whether it’s moving up or moving down – the words that we say to ourselves are encouraging that direction. AND – whether you’re pointed in the upward or the downward direction – the words inside your head are the source of that influence...because what we THINK about – we FEEL about. And, what we feel about – we ACT about.

And if the primary emotion in your life is anger or frustration or maybe…STRESS…(that’s everyone’s favorite flavor isn’t it?!)…Can you take a wild guess what your actions are going to look like??? STRESSED THE HECK OUT, of course!! (There’s 1 point for Gryffindor)!

Trust us when we say – we’ve ALL been there! We have found ourselves in this trap of thinking, feeling, and acting as though we are MAXED, overwhelmed, and in over our heads. BUT, when we realize we’re falling into this trap, you bet we fight like heck to pull ourselves out, because….if you really are that maxed in your life, aren’t you just driving yourself MORE crazy by constantly thinking of how maxed and overwhelmed you are?! Think about it. If that voice inside your head is destructive – your life pretty blatantly sucks. And if that voice is empowered and positive? Well then you have your very own, built in BFF!

If you know us, you’ve probably heard us talk about Michael Alan Singer’s book The Untethered Soul. The concept that really blew OUR minds within this book was the concept WE are not THAT VOICE. Why not? Well, (Michael asks us) – if that voice was solely you – how would you be able to hear it?…There is something, or someone, or some presence listening to that voice – which means: YOU don’t have to be ruled by that voice! You are the LISTENER of the voice.

We have the POWER to either change the voice, or choose not to listen to it! Instead of relying on the unreliable people around to bring us happiness, we can stabilize our very own internal source of joy: ourselves. And, in realizing that, the words we tell ourselves then truly become the most powerful thing in the universe!

Wanting to listen to something besides the voice in your own head? Put your internal dialogue on pause, and press play to listen to today’s episode right here!

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