The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 31st, 2020

Today we have a very special character joining us on the questing trail – Mr. Dumbledore himself! The Harry Potter series is mega-magical, and this quote sure does not fall short!

We absolutely love the fact that Dumbledore makes the point to say that our CHOICES, and not our TALENTS, truly determine our destiny. While modern society too often measures success with tangible things – such as our talents, training, skills, and abilities – we as humans can turn to identify with these same things, and therefore allow them to override our ability to be an active agent, controlled by our CHOICES. (And not just any old luck-of-the-draw, my left arm is double jointed, sorta gifts)!

Because, in total truth, some of us hold these abilities, but then make choices that work to self-sabotage us in the long run anyways. And, for those of us who may NOT be born with certain talents – we have the chance to CHOOSE to do whatever it takes to achieve our goals!

All in all, this quote really highlights the power of choices over capabilities. You know…MIND OVER MATTER, baby!

Finding it hard to believe us without the hard facts? Well – think about it this way…Capabilities can be used for good, but they can also be used for evil. (And you don’t need to watch Harry Potter to know that one, buttttt…Gryffindor vs. Slytherin fans we SEE YOU!)

In addition, capabilities can be developed or squashed – trivial or incredibly serious – and they come in ALL SORTS of flavors and levels! BUT – it is our choices that define who we are – make us unique – and allow us to leave our legacy- one way or another – for better or for worse!

As Dumbledore illuminates, NO MATTER the capabilities a person is gifted with, our legacy will always come down to a bundle of thousands of millions of choices – ONE being whether we use our capabilities to our benefit, or blow them off!

But, whatever way you slice it, we don’t just END UP somewhere – there is CHOICE after choice, and slice after slice, that shapes us. And…the shape you end up with?…Completely your choice 🙂

Don’t know what to choose next? Listen to today’s episode here, while you do some deciphering!

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