The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 3rd, 2020

George Bernard Shaw comin’ in HOT this Tuesday morning, and we’re HERE for it! Even if we take it down the scientific road – this quote still reigns true.

So – bare with us for a sec…If the laws of science say that “friction causes motion”, we know that in order to have motion we must first have friction. And – if we think about this in terms of relationships, growth, communication (you name it!) – that means CHANGING – learning something new – and realizing and accepting the fact that we are wrong sometimes!

But – NO ONE wants to be wrong…and that’s just one of the reasons leading to so many people avoiding change. I mean…you might hate what ya know, but it’s what you know...and that’s better than the UNknown…ya know?

We have all witnessed the generational shift where older generations start looking at the kids and thinking they don’t know anything – all the while the younger generation is looking up at the older generation and calling them outdated…And while it does become easier to be more stubborn, and harder to implement change as we get older, the newer generations recognize the need to keep up with technology (which is moving at a rapid pace and only accelerating) – and thus realize the necessity of changing in order to adapt with that new growth. Which – was never necessarily a skill that had served generations aging in the past! BUT – by being agile and ready to adapt, we can to remain with the times and continue to stay relevant! Or, at least we HOPE…

Which brings us back to our QUOTE…that (we might add) came at a time long before Facebook. While our landscape may have differed, this classic principle of change, remains the same...If we can change how we think – we can change how we feel. And if we can change how we feel – it will influence our actions – which can change our whole LIVES!

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