The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 4th, 2020

When Gandhi says something, we know whatever it is is profound and good – but living out this quote can be a real challenge – ESPECIALLY when we’re young…because then the world revolves around one, singular human being – and that human being is YOU (duh)!

But really – some people never grow out of the me mentality – which is why we all need some more Gandhi in our lives!…You’re welcome 😉

Losing ourselves in the service of others is something we have to cultivate and be intentional about. And no – we won’t make you sell all of your things and quit your job. Gandhi may have told us to lose ourselves in the service of others, but he never said we have to give every last drop of us, or sacrifice our own mental and physical well-being at the expense of giving! Because (*spoiler alert*) – we can still find ourselves, and find ways to live in the space of passion and fulfillment serving can give to us, without losing everything else.

So – how and where do we start giving then?

Well – we can start serving others by being intentional about it, but also allowing ourselves to naturally find where our service would be most beneficial. Because there are SO MANY THINGS TO SERVE – so you might as well serve the cause you are passionate about! Whether that be children, animals, veterans, the elderly, environmental, health related…we could keep going all day! Thinking about the things you feel passionate about and would like to see CHANGE in is the perfect place to start!

Because – honestly – Don’t we feel the MOST joy when we get to share in empowering and positive experiences with one another? Especially when you know that another person truly needs it?

You may even find that when you serve others, YOU are served right back…tenfold.

Want to hear more ways to help? Listen to today’s episode here!

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