The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 5th, 2020

Today’s quote comes from the queen of the skies and lady of the air – Ms. Amelia Earheart! And…it’s kind of a tricky one! (But nothing our Thursday thoughts can’t handle)!

Amelia’s quote makes it seem as though the primary effort will be the decision...but…NOPE – that’s not it! Because, THE REST is “merely” tenacity…meaning that the KEEPING of the decision is going to be the long game that takes continual effort. The decision may be the hardest part, but it’s just the beginning of the race!

Why is deciding the hardest part then?

Well aren’t we sure glad you asked! The reason making the decision is so hard is because it is SO easy to stay in a place we like to call…The Waffle Zone...dun dun dun dun (*insert dramatic sound effects here*). The Waffle Zone is the never ending pros-and-cons list, the “I’ll just wait for a sign of inspiration”, that keeps you waiting 10 years – place. Basically, you’re in the toaster but you can’t pop out of it ‘cause you’re waffling on what to do. Some of us may even currently BE in The Waffle Zone while reading this! GREAT news questers: we know a way out!!

The way to pop up and OUT of The Waffle Zone is through making THE DECISION. And – we ain’t talkin’ ‘bout that decision to start the diet yesterday morning that we quit by 10 am…that right there was the waffle. We are talking about – like – THE decision. And, THE decision is one that you feel all the way down in the seed of your soul. You know – THAT DECISION!

When we make the decision Amelia is talking about, we also feel the finality of it. When we make this decision, something immediately changes thereafter that sticks with us – as a part of our person – all our lives (farewell sweet Waffle Zone)! And – once the decision has been made and the change has commenced, we must stick with the long game of tenacity in order to stay focused, and continue down the path of that decision (even when it gets hard and you reach a road block)!

Decide. Then, do. Then, KEEP DOING!

Then wash, rinse repeat!

Made the decision to listen to the podcast too? Proud of you! Hear today’s episode right here!

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