The Daily Scroll: A Mentorship Recap – March 6th, 2020

We chose this quote for the special reason that today is Employee Appreciation Day! And with just about 200 employees within our businesses, we have to say: one day just isn’t enough to honor and appreciate our associates like they deserve! We seriously couldn’t be more grateful for them.

And – on the opposite end – we have also been the beneficiaries of people who have a high consideration factor as well! When a leader can have that level of love for their people pouring out – it sets up a super symbiotic way of bringing a company together, and best sets it up for success!

If we think about leaders we’ve had in the past, we all know this quote to be intrinsically true. If you imagine the leaders you’ve admired – weren’t they people that showed a high consideration factor for you and others? And, in contrast, when you think of leaders you may have observed or been employed by that you DID NOT admire…chances are much of that had to do with their consideration factor (and lack thereof)!

Because – while we know when we’re working under someone we have to show up for them, leaders sometimes forget that they too need to show up for their people.

And, how do leaders show up? With the consideration factor, of course!

Leaders should always acknowledge that their people’s feelings matter, but the consideration factor is still so much more than that! When leaders truly use the consideration factor in a holistic way, it is not only their people’s feelings that matter, but also that consideration of their family circumstances – or their cultural ethnicities – or their state of mental health – or their food allergies – or sleep schedules…The point is: there are ALL TYPES OF WAYS we can show consideration, and, while we might be able to SAY we care about another’s feelings, true leaders SHOW that through their actions!

When a leader exercises their consideration factor, they set the example and INSPIRE others to do the same! And, if leaders care – associates will care. If associates care – clients will care. And, if clients care – community cares! And, when the community cares…that care then comes BACK to the business in the most beautiful and cyclical way – to all parties benefits 🙂

Considering listening to today’s quest as well? We’ve got you set up! Hear this episode right here!

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